Crockatt & Powell Closing

Rachel Holdsworth
By Rachel Holdsworth Last edited 107 months ago
Crockatt & Powell Closing

CrockattPowell.jpg We're stifling sobs as we hear one of our favourite bookshops, Crockatt & Powell on Lower Marsh, is closing down tomorrow. Perhaps the writing had been on the wall since they had to pull out of Fulham Road (dark mutterings about being forced out by Daunt were brushed aside by Matthew Crockatt a few months ago; the guys knew Daunt were pondering the old Pan site when they opened) and the sodding, sodding credit crunch. By our reckoning this leaves the West End-ish area without a decent generalist independent bookshop. It's a dark day indeed.

Last Updated 29 July 2009


Is Foyles independent? Or do its satellite stores in Westfield, Festival Hall and St Pancras make it a chain?


Foyles are on that same cusp as Daunt - still independent but without the same knowledge that every book in the store has been chosen by the people serving you at the till, who can tell you why they stock that book, etc. That's not to say Foyles and Daunt don't have great staff because they do; but they're so big, it's not the same experience as walking into a smaller shop with limited choice, where you know the stock's been chosen very carefully.


News like this rather makes me wish londonist had an "Doesn't Like" button. A sad day indeed...