In Pictures: Waterside Pavilion @ Barbican Art Gallery

As part of the Radical Nature summer show, the Barbican Art Gallery has built a pavilion by the waterside. Looking not unlike a crashed, balsa-wood Starbug, the curiously titled I am so sorry. Goodbye, by Heather and Ivan Morison, takes the form of twin geodesic domes, inspired by the engagingly bonkers domes envisaged by Richard Buckminster Fuller back in the grand old heyday of mid-20th century utopianism.

While geodesic domes were born from cold war fears of nuclear annihilation and contamination — one of Buckminster Fuller’s most famous designs encased the whole of central Manhattan — the Morisons’ has a less sinister purpose: perhaps inspired by the ever-popular Serpentine Gallery series, the pavilion’s interior is filled with chairs and tables, where you can shelter from the rays or the rain and enjoy a spot of tea.

I am so sorry. Goodbye is open from 11am – 8pm daily (6pm Weds and 10pm Thurs), until 19th October. The Barbican’s Radical Nature show is open the same times, and runs until 18th October.

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