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24 May 2009 | News | By: SallyB2

On The Liberty of Norton Folgate

On The Liberty of Norton Folgate

As we reported last week, Madness have released a new album. We've actually now bought ourselves a copy of The Liberty of Norton Folgate, and we have to report that it's nothing short of woop-de-doop fabulous. If we play it any more our neighbours will be banging on the wall. Anyway, the inimitable Suggs has taken it upon himself (well, with the help of a few determined citizens and a town crier) to declare the liberty of Norton Folgate and reconvene the parliament of the area. Spiffing jape it may be, but with his clear love of London, sense of fun and articulate reasoning, should we not be lining him up for another more important role? If current pundits are toying with J-Lum or Si-Co for PM, Mayor Suggs seems eminently achievable. (Image/Homemade)


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