Campaign To Save Hitchcock’s Old Cinematic Haunt

Photo by Joe Lee

In (north by) northeast London, a battle rages between the guiding light of religion and the blinding light of the cinema projector.

The EMD cinema in Walthamstow, a onetime favourite of local lad Alfred Hitchcock, is threatened with excommunication from the corporeal world: the notorious, not to mention humbly-named, Universal Church of the Kingdom of God, bought the building in 2003 and, not content to be a mere lodger, wants to convert it into a church. On Saturday a posse including Blackadder star Tony Robinson and actor Meera Syall met to show their opposition with a candlelit vigil. Hundreds of local cinephiles turned out dressed in Hitchcock masks, calling for the cinema’s non-religious rebirth. Given that too many of London’s cinemas have been lost to religion, bingo halls, or Wetherspoons, the support to save one is, beyond a shadow of a doubt, most welcome.

The McGuffin Film & Television Society, organisers of the campaign, want the church to use an abandoned building next door, and the torn curtains and mothballed popcorn machines of the EMD be returned to their former splendor. The cinema’s future rests on the construction of a nearby multiplex: a redevelopment plan by the church was rejected due to a lack of local cinemas, but the multi-screen behemoth would have smited that obstacle. However, with its fate dangling by a rope, help arrived when the multiplex plan stalled. Despite suspicion that things may yet go the church’s way, for those in Walthamstow there is still hope that the listed cinema may once again play host to spellbound audiences of the future.

Whoever first spots all the laboured Hitchcock references in this piece wins a date with the charmless bore who put it together. The bill’s on you.

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  • http://null MiG

    i can see:

    shadow of a doubt
    (north by) northeast.. which i assume is in reference to north by northwest
    dangling by a rope could be a reference to “rope”.

    after that im out

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    oh! just spotted two more.. Torn Curtain and The Lodger!

  • Lindsey


    But MiG – you have him.

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      ah I don’t want to be greedy. i’ll donate him to charity

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      I’ll not be greedy. I’ll donate him to charity instead

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    Picture of the protest in Flickrpool

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    I’ll not be greedy. I’ll donate him to charity instead

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    argh. Multiple posts. I thought it wasn’t working at first. But evidentially it is. Apologies all

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    There´s still one more Hitch ref yet to be spotted…

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    That´s the one! I´ll be waiting outside Garfunkels in Leicester Square this Friday carrying a copy of Hitchcock on Hitchcock. Bring your Amex.

  • Jane

    interesting stuff… and this explains why lately I have had so many views of my EMD cinema photos on Flickr:
    Multiplexes – ugh! spit!