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01 November 2008 | By: NatalieU

Harrods Christmas Parade

Harrods Christmas Parade

Hundreds of children gathered around Harrods early this morning in what seemed like freezing temperatures to watch the annual Harrods Christmas Parade. This year marks the 100th year in which Father Christmas has been welcomed to Christmas Grotto at Harrods. He received a warm welcome by Harrods Chairman, Mr Al Fayed at the end of the Cinderella themed parade. The children's spirits were kept high while waiting for the parade as they were given many treats including bobbing santa claus headbands, balloons and an assortment of never ending sweets.

Unfortunately, if you wish to sit on Father Christmas' knee and tell him your wishlist for Christmas this year, you have already missed out. Harrod's online booking system opened earlier this year in August and is already fully booked with over 70,000 bookings.


Wonderful gallery!
But there is something that makes me feel slightly queasy about the photo of Al Fayed next to Father Christmas.


I think we just need to be thankful he wasn't sitting on Santa's knee in the Grotto :)


Lovely crowd shots!

Is it just me, or does Mr Christmas look a bit like Colin Firth in shot 10?