No Such Thing As A Free Lunch?

0810_fruit.jpgA group of Londoners are out to disprove that cynical truism. Called the “Kindness Offensive”, the trio have persuaded companies to donate 25 tonnes of food – including fajitas and pancake mix – which they are passing on to local community groups. They stockpile the goods at their West Hampstead house, before doling it out to organisations including Muswell Hill Churches and Women Asylum Seekers Together. Their reward? Simply, the joy of giving, and offering a rare moment of guilt-free charity in what can at times be a hard, selfish city. Catch a video of their project here

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  • jamesu

    These guys were on London Tonight yesterday – they were a bit wierd, and the 24 tonnes of food seemed to comprise mainly of green giant sweet corn… no one should eat that much corn…

  • alanking

    Their whole house was full to the brim.

    How they manage to get anyone to donate 25 tonnes of food to give away free is beyond me. If it takes getting dressed up in construction hats, more power to them.