Wagamama Beats Ivy as London's Favourite Eaterie

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Wagamama Beats Ivy as London's Favourite Eaterie

Cancel that reservation at the Ivy: we don't care if you had to wait 6 months and perform unspeakable sexual favours to get it. Zagat's guide to eating in the capital has just been published – and it rates Wagamama the most popular restaurant in London.

Of course, the Zagat rating system considers much more than just the food on offer – it takes into account price, value, atmosphere and so on. But the 5,300 volunteers who rate restaurants for the guide rated Wagamama the most popular restaurant of the year. The Ivy followed up in second place, with The Ritz winning the decor category.

Wagamama's popuarity could have something to do with the rising cost of eating in London – the Zagat guide also discovered that the cost has gone up by 3.7% since 2007. This price increase hasn't put diners off, though – 82% of the Zagat reviewers said they ate out as much as they did a year ago. With no main course at Wagamama topping £11, you could eat there every night of the week for less than a meal at Gordon Ramsay. And you don't have to sell your soul to get a table, either...

Photo courtesy of Phil Roman’s Photostream under the Creative Commons license.

Last Updated 09 September 2008


Ooh, maybe my copy is in the mail!


Oh pa-la-la-lease. I used to work in the industrial estate where Wagamama mass produced all their ingestibles (can't call it food) to be shipped off to their gazzilion outlets. The smell of old garlic air would waft past at the same time every afternoon. Tuck in London, but I think I'll keep my reservation at The Ivy. Ewww.