Preview: Rogue's Gallery At The Barbican

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Preview: Rogue's Gallery At The Barbican

Enjoy a night of pirate-themed revelry without the risk of scurvy. On Monday, 28 July, the Barbican will be hosting Rogue's Gallery — Pirate Ballads, Sea Songs and Chanteys as part of their Only Connect series. The evening will feature songs from the two disc compilation of the same name, the brainchild of Johnny Depp and Pirates of the Caribbean director Gore Verbinski and produced by Hal Willner. Some songs maintain a more traditional, folky sound while others reflect the more alternative style of their performers, but all will evoke the sentiments of the sea, whether baudy or beautiful.

There will be performances by artists featured on the compilation, including Baby Gramps, Ed Harcourt, and Pere Ubu's David Thomas and Keith Moline. In addition, a few titans of quirky music have also signed up, including Shane McGowan, the Divine Comedy's Neil Hannon, Beth Orton, and Suzanne Vega. Actor Time Robbins will also be making an appearance, as well as some surprise guests. Other performers on the compilation include Lou Reed, Nick Cave, and Jarvis Cocker; fingers are crossed that the recorded tracks are some indication of whom we can expect to see at the Barbican.

Confirmed line-up: Suzanne Vega / Beth Orton / Shane McGowan / Neil Hannon / Pete Doherty / Martha Wainwright / Ed Harcourt / Julie Fowlis / Baby Gramps / David Thomas / Keith Moline / Gavin Friday / Langley Sisters / Teddy Thompson / Kami Thompson / Jenni Muldaur / Eliza Carthy / Martin Carthy / Norma Waterson / Robyn Hitchcock / Ralph Steadman

Rogue's Gallery — Pirate Ballads, Sea Songs and Chanteys: 28 July, 7.30pm, Barbican Hall, Barbican Centre. Tickets: £15/20/25.

Image of Neil Hannon courtesy of Bryan Ledgard under the Creative Commons License.

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Hi, the link to Gavin Friday's website is broken, can you fix it please?

Amanda Farah

Thanks for letting me know; it should work now.


Hal Wilmer must die.

It was like Steven Wright was master of ceremonies at a pessimists' convention.

90 minutes too long, David Thomas and anyone ever in Pere Ubu should be consigned to the FAIL bucket and made to walk a plank - in fact, I should have taken a plank with me, the Carthys were great, although the show relied on them far too much. Ed Harcourt was very good, Suzanne Vega never recovered from a fluffed bar and a dull song, Neil Hannon was amusing in a retarded way and Teddy Thompson was rather good. Tim Robbins was a big surprise, Robyn Hitchcock needs to learn how to use a mike stand, Gavin Friday was great on his first number and Richard Strange got the best song of the night...

Fun to see Shane McGowan, Pete Doherty's a schoolboy amateur in comparison, but would have loved to see them both together on stage.

Some great moments, many horrible ones, wish I'd left earlier. Might make that a new rule from this point on.