Faceberk Footballer Riles Palace Chiefs

Dean Nicholas
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Faceberk Footballer Riles Palace Chiefs

Tings are lookin proper bad for footballer Ashley-Paul Robinson, ya get me? The 19-year old Crystal Palace winger is in a spot of bother after he inadvertantly revealed his plans to move to Fulham on his Facebook profile.

In an update on Saturday, the strikingly erudite Robinson alerted chums about his potential move to Craven Cottage with the following gnomic status update: "Ashley-Paul is goin fulham on Monday. If I pull dis off im on dis ting!!!" Unfortunately, the player's grasp of Facebook is about as secure as his mastery of the English language, for his exciting news was inadvertently beamed to the 2.7 million users in the site's London network.

In a less than humble admission of guilt, Ashley-Paul updated his status again on Monday to acknowledge that he had "been very naughty lol". The success of his trial at Fulham is unknown, but his future at Selhurst Park appears clear enough: the club has confirmed that the player would no longer be offered a new contract.

Poor old Palace are also smarting over the loss of promising 16-year old midfielder John Bostock who, following a tribunal, has joined Tottenham for an initial £700,000 fee. While Eagles fans may be irked to see such a potential talent leave, they may take comfort from the last time Spurs poached a Palace teenager: Wayne Routledge, bought for £2 million in 2005, and recently seen poking around the reserve team of, yes, Fulham. Something for Ashley-Paul to ponder.

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Last Updated 09 July 2008


As a Villa fan I feel duty-bound to point out that Routlege is with us these days. He's played about 20 minutes of first-team football in six months, which is all you really need to know!


Thanks for that, Graham - didn't realise Routledge was at Villa He certainly seems a curious signing, unless your reserve team was in need of a half-arsed has-been.


Yeah, Routledge hasn't been at Fulham for a year and a half now. He was blindingly fast but didn't seem to have any idea what to do once he got where he was going.