Bye Bye Sister Ray?

By Talia Last edited 119 months ago
Bye Bye Sister Ray?

Whenever we're in the West End and need to kill some time we usually wander down to Sister Ray on Berwick Street for a bit of a browse. We flick through the cool vinyl, play with the tenori and generally think it's a wicked shop. We never actually buy anything though, and that seems to be the problem, as it's just been announced that the store has gone into administration.

As one of the few independent record stores left this is obviously not a good thing. Starting out as a stall in Camden Market in the 80s, the store is regularly named as a band's favourite show in London and they've grown into one of the most recognised alternative stores out there.

All is not lost though, the store is still trading and the owners are hopeful for an quick investment saying that, "This is a unique business with a truly global reputation".

Good luck guys!

Last Updated 31 July 2008


I hate to be selfish, but I was planning to go on a horrific bender of record-shopping in there (will be in London next month) -- So be brave, little shop. Hang on just....a little bit.....longer.....


This is terrible news - I love that store. Or should say, I loved it, as despite keeping me in new tunes all through university (I'd happily drop a tenth of the student loan there on payday) I can't say I've bought anything from them in at least a year, maybe more. I feel bad about this.

Neil Arnold

I think it's disgraceful how shops like HMV and Zavvi, or whatecver it's called pull in the punters and the great little shops decline. I'm a big vinyl junkie and have always fone to Sister Ray, when it was Selectadisc, it'll be tragic for this shop to close's about time the big corporate shops either slashed their prices or burned in fiery Hell!!!


I second that! Yeah it's very sad news and apparently it's not just Sister Ray but a number of independent Record Stores in the Soho area...say the two guys that just accosted me outside the store, with a big paparazzi camera to tell me the sad news...who were those guys?

I suppose it's a nightmare trying to keep a small record store going with the high street giants so prevalent in this area.

I hope someone buys them out of administration soon!!


Yeah, well if they started by being nice, that would probably help. There seems to be a massive hype regarding this store. They haven't got anything to offer that boomkat or Amazon haven't got.