Oxford Street Rush Hour Stabbing

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Oxford Street Rush Hour Stabbing

A man in his 20s was fatally stabbed yesterday evening, in broad daylight, outside McDonalds on Oxford Street.

The incident happened at the beginning of rush hour, around 17.00, when the area must have been packed with hot, shoppy people who could have witnessed the incident. Police are talking to those on the scene and examining CCTV footage. It seems the young man had been in McDonalds and was subsequently involved in an altercation outside. Paramedics attended the scene but the victim died in hospital.

Oxford Street is closed between Oxford Circus and Tottenham Court Road and buses are still on diversion due to this incident so be prepared for bus hell round there or wear flat shoes and walk.

Last Updated 13 May 2008


I wondered when this was going to go up. This happened yesterday evening and you had something about national limerick day at the top of the page!

I don't want to be too critical but I've come to expect sites like yours to give me information and original content, not just parrot the news sites 13 hours after the fact.


Yes, more murder clues please. And where, oh where is the irony in this piece, the lashings of sarcasm?

Lame sideswipe aside, dobby has a point. News of a traffic jam on the North Circular is London, but is Londonist?


I don't want to be too critical either but honestly, the way that this murder is treated in this piece as an inconvenience for those who seeking to get a bus from Oxford Street to Tottenham Court Road is despicable.

Fine, people need to know the travel news but I think it's completely misplaced and insensitively written here. As if people are going to be thinking "oh bugger, I wish those kids would stop killing each other on days that I'm wearing heals".

Someone's son has just died! Perhaps, some compassion?

On a side issue, those on the left who crow at how CCTV is an infringement on our human rights and Nick Clegg who would "rather feel a bit less safe than feel less free", Can they really suggest that if the footage from this crime helps to bring some justice that some good hasn't come from becoming a 'big brother' nation.

*rant over*


Thanks for the comments, people. This was intended as an informative early morning post as we were unable to pick up the story last night. As we get more info, other than the basic what happened facts, we'll be back to normal service.


Come on, this simple post is hardly worth the vitriol, is it, folks? It's a short update for people who might not have heard. It sticks to the facts. It's less insensitive than it is concise and to the point.

When I was travelling a couple years ago I'd use Londonist to get London news more often than the Beeb, as it has a happy habit of distilling big news items into manageable pieces.

Amanda Farah

Well, it certainly explains why traffic was stopped dead in Camden near the High Street down at least to Euston.


Yeah, same for Islington, down Pentonville Road to Euston Road. Gridlock.


I was in Soho last night and had no idea about this till I got home. Although come to think of it, there were an inordinate number of police cars hurtling past the pub all evening.

albert hall

The only reason the cops were tearing past the pub last night is they'd left the kettle on back at the station.