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Take Tea With Heteropolitan Man

By Lindsey Last edited 109 months ago
Take Tea With Heteropolitan Man

Pandering to gender stereotypes is always going to get our attention. Remember when TfL tried to tell the little ladies how to use the tube? The sillies. Well, now a West London hotel is beefing up their afternoon tea to attract more men. Manly men who like whisky, steak and the colour blue. But also, sensitive men who appreciate butterfly adorned menus, might chance white peony and whole rosebud tea and don't mind spending between £20-30 for the whole afternoon tea rigamarole.

Essential, of course, to coin a new phrase to describe this elite clientele. One step beyond metrosexual, those who take tea at the Mandeville Hotel will from now on be known as heteropolitan. Which is nice and catchy but blatantly appears to exclude gay men, a move which is surely shooting yourself in the foot when you've got gentlemen's relish on the menu.

A mug of PG and sticky bun for us, thanks.

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I've got a whole boxload of those TfL "How To Travel On The Tube" guides for women sitting around at home. They read like a 1950s guidebook for giddy girls about town, as condescending and sexist as a pat on the head or a pinch of an arse cheek.


I got all militant about that and wrote an 'outraged of Highbury' letter of complaint to TfL. Girl Power.


Dean, why do you have so many??


For, err, research purposes?

Actually I found a box of 'em at an internet cafe and stole the lot. I had a feeling they'd become a classic of New Labourspeak nannyism.

I went through a phase of giving them out to dates, and could never figure out why they wouldn't call me back.


So, manly tea, eh? The sillies.