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DLR Station Closing For Improvements

By Amanda Last edited 110 months ago
DLR Station Closing For Improvements

Bad news for those who rely on Tower Gateway DLR station: you’re going to have to find another way around starting this summer. Beginning in June, the DLR station will be closed while improvements are made. Service will hopefully return in April 2009.

Tower Gateway currently has platforms that can accommodate two-carriage trains, but as more people use the DLR, the need has arisen for trains with three carriages. The station will be closed while the platforms are extended. So, while you won’t be able to get your train at that stop for a ten-month period, at least when service resumes there’s a chance that you’ll be able to get a seat.

Photo of the soon to be inaccessible Tower Gateway DLR from Kate Pugh’s Flickrstream.

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Glad you liked my photo - but my name's Kake, not Kate :)

Photo link for those seeking a bigger version is http://www.flickr.com/photos/k...


Oh, and for anyone else looking for a citation on the closure, there's this PDF - http://improvements.dlr.co.uk/... - on the DLR website.