Planet Kebabs VERSUS Archway Kebab House

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Planet Kebabs VERSUS Archway Kebab House

Welcome to Versus, where Londonist takes like for like and decides which one is more likeable

On a staid north London street, a battle rages between two implacable foes to determine the answer to that essential Friday night question: who serves up the finest kebabs in N19?

On one side we have Planet Kebabs, bombastically declaring on the frontage that it offers the "best kebabs on the planet". Directly across Junction Road we descry the more geographically circumspect Archway Kebab House, and its humble though grammatically dubious legend: "Probably the best kebab in UK". But to which of these stalwarts of the shish should you entrust your stomach?

With kebab shops, it's the little differences that matter. The pita bread at Planet Kebabs was suspect, and an unsolicited serving of garlic mayonnaise onto our doner caused a fatal loss of structural cohesion and a fumbled finger-licking attempt to salvage what meat remained. Archway Kebab House, meanwhile, were more judicious with their sauce deployment, and the quality of their hummus and salad combo rated significantly higher than their astral rival.

The winner is... despite there being little to discern between most of London's late-night kebabberies, we'll forgo the Planet for the subtler charms of Archway Kebab House. But really, we're just talking kebabs here, so for a late-night fix it's probably best to go for the one with the shortest queue.

Last Updated 27 February 2008


As an Archway resident, I have to respectfully disagree. Speaking strictly of kebabs, you may be correct. I know my drunken flatmates always have a hard time deciding when placed equidistant from the two, yet generally go for the Kebab House. However, the hamburgers at Planet Kebab are excellent, with loads of salad, and they pile the chips on like no other. I am also informed that the rest of their menu is quite good, although I wouldn't know myself.

Finally though, a serious mark in their favour: At Christmas, when we tipped the Planet Kebab guys? They gave us Winnie the Pooh holiday cards. If that isn't spectacular service, I don't know what is.


"Winnie the Pooh holiday cards"

Wow. Without ever even going there, my vote's for these guys! Awesome.


Those cards sound amazing. I may have to visit Planet Kebab in December.

Admittedly, we didn't try the hamburgers on our visit, reckoning that kebabs are the true bellweather of the late-night kebabbery's mettle. But thanks for the comments!


Can someone confirm whether that Archway Kebabs used to be a Manzies pie & mash shop? I'm sure I remember one doen that way.


Londonkind has been waiting a long time for this groundbreaking research. It's almost enough to make me want to return to Archway.



Do they actually put the meat and salad IN the pitta? Does anyone else order a kebab in their local takeaway to find that it's seperate? I hate that! I'm always too drunk to put it together and frankly I shouldn't have to...

Does that only happen south of the river?


You have to assemble the parts of your kebab yourself? I can't say I've ever seen that. Sounds like it might be fun but probably not best tried with frostbitten fingers whilst trying to hold down that umpteenth Mai Tai.


Who can afford umpteen Mai Tais in this town? Two or three's a small investment for me.


Planet kebab was the best ever but since management change the prices have gone up and the potion size is unbelievable small. Archway kebab is for sure better value for money

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This article is horse s**t.
One place is run with staff and the other is over staffed. One has a bunch of staff who are pretentious and the other one has staff that don't change there uniform. Like for like. They both use the same suppliers. One of them always looks dirty. One of them looks fairly modern and pretty much always clean. Both are basically rubbish when it comes to food offerings. None of them have tried to alter there offering over the years. The both offer the same crap. I only order my crap at the clean one because the other one doesn't prioritise cleaning as much as I think it should.