Gin Is for Lovers . . . of Gin

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Gin Is for Lovers . . . of Gin

Attention, gin enthusiasts: Here’s some Valentine’s tomfoolery from which you can actually benefit. “Nostalgic gin purveyors” Hendrick’s are hosting a Victorian Kissing Booth over at Selfridges this week, combining three loves of Londonist that we so rarely get to relish all at once: snogging in public, Victorian dress-up, and gin sampling. Brilliant.

The gimmick here is that in order to partake of the gin, you and your sweet cheeks, your sugar booger, your honey bunny, your cuddle cakes, and all other manner of nicknames that make us want to vomit just a little, must first head into the kissing booth for some lip-smacking, photo-snapping good Victorian fun. After which you are rewarded with a framed action pic and a generous measure of Hendrick’s.

And lest you feel compelled to get up on your soapbox and sound your fury to all of London over society’s outrageous prejudice against the unattached, uncommitted, unfettered – hang on there. We were assured that we could share a smooch with a good friend or pooch instead. Dogless, friendless singletons would appear to be shit out of luck, however. Though showing up alone and asking to have your picture taken with the Hendrick’s bottle might be one way of gaining the sympathy of the store staff and winning a few extra swigs of gin.

Honestly. The things you have to do for free liquor these days.

The Kissing Booth is open from 5 to 8pm today, and from 12 to 4pm and 5 to 8pm tomorrow and Thursday. Donations are requested; proceeds go to the British Red Cross. And please, keep your tongue in your mouth. The theme is Victorian, after all.

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Last Updated 12 February 2008


are you allowed to turn up with a group of friends and a drink per friend?

that, sounds like a great way to spend the day...


It looks like Hendrick's is also sponsoring Loss: An Evening of Exquisite Misery, an anti-Valentine's ball that sounds just... fantastic. Know anything about this one?


Julie PH

Thanks for the link - now that's the kind of Valentine's event I can abide.

The Last Tuesday Society has been on Londonist's radar before:


... and, in fact, Londonist previewed this exact same event this time last year...

It's the onion cutting that does it for me.


Hendrick's 'sponsors' all of the Last Society Balls It's more like Last Society endorse Hnedricks - quite rightly too). Which gives you a big fat reason to go to all off 'em. The gin ain't free though.... and to be honest, it's not even kinda cheap...