Banksy Maid Obliterated

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Banksy Maid Obliterated

While everyone was busy watching last night's fire, an act of destruction was taking place at the other end of Chalk Farm Road.

The famous maid stencil by Banksy is in a parlous state. Someone has painted over most of the image, and stenciled the words 'all the best' over the top.

Small groups keep pausing in front of the defaced mural, possibly on their way back from looking at the fire damage. Throw in the Stables Market, currently being reimagined by developers, and Camden Town is looking like one big epicentre of lost heritage right now.

Apocalypse NW1.

Image by M@.

Last Updated 10 February 2008

kit lizette

can't belive that,, that maid needs a good clean now!

Leave the maid alone, and put that fire thingie back, it looked great.



Same thing had happened to the one on Rosebery near Exmouth Market. Somebody rollered right over it.


And the one in Highbury, near the Emirates stadium. Exactly the same - rollered white paint and red stencilled text.
The plot thickens...


Thankfully it has now been restored -


I think it would be quite hard to keep every Banksy piece everywhere. some of his work is attributed to him but there is no actual proof that is was him due to his incognito style.

It is a shame when great pieces like this go under white council brushes but some councils have taken steps now to try and preserve his most likeable work.

There are so many great artists now including Miss Van and Fafi, Sick boy, etc that we would literally have to encase half of Shoreditch or London in perspex.

I think everyone should get the prints from banksy etc and make sure they get images they want before someone comes along and wipes em out.