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Extra, Extra
  • The Brixton Academy rocks, but Brixton doesn’t.
  • The buzz of yet another film premiere. Bad weather forecast for tomorrow’s climate march.TPT BMW AWOL
  • Now immigration is an issue in footie too.
    • Aren't tourists fun? Piccie courtesy of Adam Tinworth’s flickr photo stream.

      Last Updated 07 December 2007


      An incredibly nasty incident in Brixton, to be sure. But is this the first ever assault following on from a gig in London?

      The Astoria rocks, but the West End doesn't...

      The Forum rocks, but Kentish Town doesn't...

      The Royal Albert Hall rocks, but Kensington doesn't etc.

      It's not great for the old Brixton cliches to be re-hashed.


      Slightly cliched yes, but I'm more scared of Brixton after coming out of the Academy than most places in London... maybe that's my issue but cliches are often there for a reason.


      And that reason is probably to fill gaps in the absence of ideas.


      Actually, it could simply be because Brixton isn't a very safe place. Dress it up how you want, but this is true. All this post did was highlight this fact and the story.


      Yes, fair point and it seems trivial to get involved in geographic posturing over such a sickening story. But the area is improving. It's a far safer place than it was ten years ago. Us locals just get slightly miffed when the tired and tested old school Brixton stereotypes are rolled out.


      In my experience, albeit very limited, Brixton is no more or less safe than Camden. But having said that, Camden can be very unsafe if you're in the wrong part of it, or behaving in the wrong way.

      And that, I think, is the key issue. Seasoned 'locals' to these areas know how to mostly avoid trouble. But being mugged, stabbed or raped is a high price to pay for not having local knowledge...

      Stockwell Road, where this attack took place, is not an obscure back-street. The attack took place at a time where there would (theoretically) be a fair number of people around. Although it's not fair to denigrate all of Brixton as unsafe based on a single incident, residents and non-residents alike should really agree that this sort of thing is unacceptable, and that it is detrimental to the reputation of an area where these things occur.