House By Famous Architect Demolished

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House By Famous Architect Demolished
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I have come across this article and feel it necessary to
point out the incredible brazenness of inaccurate and biased journalism (or a
lousy excuse of such) from ‘m@’ with regards this story. For any one who would
like to know the actual facts regarding this story I will elaborate and rebut the
falseness of these accusations upon Mr. Laxman.

Planning permission no 2003/0834 & Listed Building
Planning permission no 2003/0846 were granted on the 14th May 2004.
The permissions allowed conversion of the listed building into 4 s/c units with
large rear and large side extensions to the existing building which in effect
increased its original size by 3 times, hardly small works. During these works,
Mr Laxman was out of the country for a funeral and his appointed contractor had
accidentally damaged part of the roof with a JCB excavator.

A high
court injunction was withdrawn by the council and a new planning permission
number 2011/0243 & Listed Planning permission no 2011/0261 was granted on
the 19th April 2011. The planning permissions allow the same
conversion of the listed building into 4 s/c units with large rear and large
side extensions. In fact only a small part of the roof that was damaged is
required to be rebuilt to former specifications.

This was therefore by no means a demolition or in any part
malicious as the story above portrays. Please refrain from erroneous dramatisation
for the sake of making a story. It is prejudice and unfair and does not reflect
a good level of journalism.