Banksy: Caught In The Act And Unmasked

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Banksy: Caught In The Act And Unmasked

Reader Chloe sends us these images of what is surely a new Banksy piece in Bethnal Green. And she seems to have captured the face of the artist, hitherto unseen. (However, we've seen that flower shape before, around Shoreditch—perhaps Banksy is here teaming up with someone else.)

The work seems to be some kind of riposte to Tower Hamlets council, which recently declared it would erase all of Banksy's graffiti in the borough.


Last Updated 29 October 2007

Neil Epstein

love this guys work, congrats on the spotting!


congrats to the c*nt who took these flicks, then posted them online so quickly.
That's not cool.
What to do as soon as you uncover a great mystery?
expose it to that world wide media?
Some things are just better left unseen.
you just ruined the greatest mystery that Banksy worked so hard to keep covered.
hope u die in a fire.


orkid are you a complete dumbfuck or what?
tell me who in that picture is banksy? tell me..
could it be the guy kneeling down finishing up that stencil? or could it be that guy reaching down in to the yellow bucket. maybe it's that guy in the blue coat walking near the site. Even if you can tell who it is the people in that picture are poorly rendered to make identifiable. for all i know Banksy is still a mystery and i'm glad these pictures were taken to have a glimpse at his process


allow me to retort fucktard.

"i'm glad these pictures were taken to have a glimpse at his process"

really? you couldnt imagine how 2 color stencils got on walls? u needed pictures? u've never tried it yourself?

if banksy wanted to show everyone how he did these things, how he got up in spots, he'd have bombing videos on youtube. part of his persona is having the viewer view the piece, wonder who did it, and intake the message. Why doesnt he reveal himself at his gallery shows? why does he wear disguises into museums?

as far as which one is banksy, how the fuck do i know? hence the mystery behind him. But for someone to think they spotted banksy in the process and try to sell him out to the media with a couple of flicks? think about it. its just fucked up.

from how it looks, the far away shot of the city worker jacket and blue coat wouldnt be him. the person taking the picture was walking by with his/her camera and just snapped the photo hoping to get a good one. thats why the closer one of him painting is all jacked on an angle, probally 'cause he/she didnt aim and shoot, they just had their hands on the trigger while walking by.

am i done here or do i gotta keep coming back and arguing with a person who's name is Bearrr. do u write?

Kevin Bracken

I must admit, potentially revealing Banksy's identity is not only in poor taste but could threaten his (or their) freedom.

Then again, with all the CCTV in the capital, it almost seems like they have decided not to arrest Banksy, it's hard to say.

In any case, if I had taken these photos, I'd have surely pixelated the faces and any identifying marks before putting them online - but probably not have put them online at all.

I am disappointed in people.


We love this is on the side of the place we hold HungaMunga, the original arts and crafts club night, Bethnal Green Working Men's Club... inspired by people like Banksy and his art-for-all attitude... too many people still see art as something confined to galleries or art colleges... Banksy reminds us that the world is our canvas and our subject and we can all make our mark... it's so great that he has chosen to tag the place we call our home... let's hope the authorities don't ruin it...

come along and make your own art...


Banksy's face is clearly visible in the third photograph -- he's the one sitting down, holding a paint roller.

This is worse than when that CIA agent's identity was leaked by Robert Novak. Thanks to these tasteless photographs, there will never be any art ever again anywhere in the world.


well done.


Orkid, posting photos of Banksy is really not a big deal.

Not anymore at least.

Banksy has already been revealed. The Evening Standard printed his photo in 2004.

This past May re-broke the story online and got into some legal heat over it. The photo is much more revealing, and I found it on my first search.

"Hitherto unseen"? Sorry. no


Maybe it was a shitty thing to do. But then, maybe it's better this way, more poetic. Destroying one mystery only gives more weight to those that remain.

I love his work, but come on. It's not like he's Zorro or something.


Banksy just pays those guys to do the painting.


Not Banksy, neither were the pics in the Evening Standard, why is anyone fascinated as to what he looks like anyway? Would it change anything he has done?


I think that these are great photos-but they seem to be a total guess.


why is everyone so obsessed with finding out who banksy is. The major thing that adds to his artwork is the mystery of where it came. He produces some of the most amazing work and young kids like me look at him with inspiration.......lets all give the guy a break!


you fucking cunts stop arguing. THAT guy painting IS NOT BANKSY. Its some dude trying to take credit for being Banksy.
Besides, Banksy has amazing messages and sends them out to the world through the best way possible. Art. Nobody ever thinks about peace, war and the little guys like Banksy. Who cares what he looks like, just love his art and listen to his messages and fucking change. That is what he is trying to accomplish you knobs. Peace with Art.


If it is Banksy would it make any difference to you? If it isnt Banksy would it make any difference to you? no? i thought so. You may find it kind of interesting but but thats all part of the mystery that surounds Banksy. And while we're on the subject who says the pictures in the evening standard were Banksy? The evening standard...? come on people! Banksy is what he is because fucktards like this ^ have looked at his work (and good work it is) and left it at that. If it was in our interest to uncover him would it not have happened? People will always be ratted out unless there is a very good reason for them not to be.


Oh, and when you get a picture of Banksy ill tell you :) as im feeding you your balls. 'Till then your safe (Y)


I think that it is quite ludicrous to think that Banksy is out there doing this stuff. He has been in the States for months now and he could not possibly handle all the work he has done in London, Bristol, Palestine, New York etc etc on his own.

What we are seeing is the Banksy brand. Banksy is very clever. He has a very large team of people working with him to sell his brand. This was always the ploy. This doesn't make him any more original or unique but it is silly to think he really means what he says or does anything himself.

Think of that film "Brewsters Millions" where the lead says "Don't vote for me". And what happens>? He gets elected.

Banksy is doing the same thing. Keeping his smaller street works going so that we keep him in the Lime light and talk more and more about him. Then we buy his books etc etc.


Don't know what the arguing is all about, its a fantastic piece of work it!!!


Don't know what the arguing is all about, its a fantastic piece of work it!!!


Cracking piece of are.


Really like that. Something abit different


It has been known for a while who he is, but there is no reason to print it


its definately not Banksy trust me


Check out picture three ... the little girl in the white socks ... that's Banksy ... but promise you won't tell!


I'm Banksy, and so is my wife.

Gui Tavares

I think reader Chloe who sent the pictures is actually Banksy.


Oh, look it's Hugo Farmer


Personally I highly doubt any of these people are Bansky. He's done an amazing job at staying anonymous for this long and you think some random girl on the street just happened to get a pick of him? Please....


Agree with many of the other comments - in these gloomy times we could do with something to brighten up the days!


doubtful that Bansky was even there. I am sure that he had a part to play in this art, and that the credit should go to Bansky, but could there also be the possibility of assistants or apprenteces doing the painting? This isn't uncommon. He is the artist but perhaps most of the work done by people who work for him. I doubt if he has worked so hard that he would paint such an obvious piece in broad daylight. just saying..


who cares..banksy sucks

Canvas Prints

I love how covert all of Banksy's projects are, that film "Exit Through The Gift Shop" is brilliant, so much research and effort goes into each of their work.


I am Banksy, I can tell you now that's not me, I also had nothing to do with that piece, Try to remember there are many replica artists out there now, Much to my disappointment. But I am 99% sure that there is still no photographs like these actually off me. The legend still remains a mystery...


honestly if this is him why spoil it he has done amazing things on walls and now they go and blab about it if they find him he could be put in prison because some of his work is illegal.


thats not banksy