Return of the Fopp!

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Return of the Fopp!

Nearly a month after Fopp shut their doors for administration, HMV have announced today that they have purchased 6 stores.

Cambridge, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Manchester, Nottingham and most importantly (for us!) London will all be getting the stores back and depending upon landlords' consent will re-open as soon as possible continuing to trade under the Fopp name. London won't be getting the gigantic Tottenham Court Road store back though, instead it'sthe Earlham Street one by Cambridge Circus which has been labelled as a store that traded profitably. An HMV spokesperson said, "“These stores will operate independently of the main HMV chain in order to preserve their distinct customer offer."

Last Updated 31 July 2007


this is great news! Long live Fopp!


Excellent - that's great news..... The Earlham St Fopp was about a minute's walk from my office, and I used to pop in there purely to browse far too often... It'll be great to have it back...


whilst its great that its reopening, its tragic that it can only do so because the great conglomerate that is hmv has bought it
i fell in love with fopp as a student in sheffield. i thought it was great when they started to expand, meaning i could shop in london, but did feel some disquiet when they started to get really big. the tottenham court road store just didn't feel like fopp - it felt like hmv.
it looks like they expanded just too quickly and couldn't cope. the reality is that they forgot their core customer base - those who like the independent record shop experience - and collapsed as a result. i just hope hmv leave them alone to do what they used to do best

The Fly

Definitely no more cheap CDs then. I remember picking up CDs for £3 each at fopp.