Turn It Off

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Turn It Off

Good news from the groundswell Music Free Buses… and Trains Campaign which has been lobbying Transport for London to impose a blanket ban on the use of mobile phone MP3 players without headphones on buses. TfL recently incorporated a modest "Keep your music down" sign on the Central Notice on every bus (see here because we bet you’ve never noticed it before) but suddenly they’ve upped the ante and are going to scare the pants off the miscreants who persist in 'sharing' their taste in R&B with everyone else by the introduction of…. another pink sign!!

Argh! Yes. This time it specifically says "please don’t play music out loud" and will appear in the Central Notice and as a standalone sign, at the back of buses, on both decks. Hallelujah! Result.

Hmmm. Has it occurred to anyone else that, however assertive and eye catching these perky pink signs are, those who play their music aloud fundamentally have an issue with respect and consideration for others and may not be very bovvered by the signs, if they clock them in the first place? And if they do, are they likely to cause a personal revelation, it having never occurred to them that their Akon tracks might not be what fellow passengers want to listen to? And will the presence of the signs make us, the ones who just want a quiet life, any more likely to challenge someone defying the pink edict?

Oh, and, has anyone seen these guys yet?

Londonist fears we will be continuing with our ‘ignore and simmer with rage’ policy for a while yet.

Last Updated 15 May 2007

Titus Chalk

I fear these signs sadly won't do much - and I hate the way we're all to scared of being happy-slapped to tell the little buggers at the back to switch their choons off..

What I think is needed for better bus behaviour is the development of chants, like football chants, that we all sing at offending passengers, so we don't feel scared to act by ourelves - different ones for annoying kids with their damn mobile, for peope who get on at the back door and hold everyone up, etc..

I think it could catch on. Get chaning bus users, and teach the anti-socialites a damn lesson


I have a problem with this too... I was born hard of hearing and the only way I get to listen to and actually hear music is by whacking up the volume on the headphones - not an issue at home, but on the bus/tube I can tell it irritates others... but not as much as being unable to hear irritates me.

It's probably a good thing I can't hear them tut.