Random Graffiti of the Week

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Random Graffiti of the Week

#Codefc. An unlikely tag for a graffiti writer. Nonetheless, some chap has been spraying this (or, as here, just 'code') onto London's walls for several years, usually accompanied by the image of an old-fashioned video camera. The camera logo is often seen around the Shoreditch area (of course). Has anyone spotted it in other parts of town? This one was found round the back of some posh eateries on West End Lane, NW6. Check out the artist's overly flash website.

Last Updated 18 May 2007


That is a film projector, not a camera.


Yes, I too aged about a decade when I read a film projector being described as "an old-fashioned video camera".


That's just me being unclear. Yes, this is a film projector, but his trademark stencil, more regularly seen, is an old-fashioned camera. (I think.)


Edwin Lyons

I think this is meant to be a hexidecimal number - #C0DEFC (zero rather than O). See www.flickr[dot]com/photos/kaioshin/376440/ for another example.

If this is the case, its also a colour - a kind of pale sky blue...


These guys have a largeish tag up on Holloway Road, way up on a roof on the same side as Morrisons - I'd always wondered what the C was for.