Yes, We Have No Banksy Bananas

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Yes, We Have No Banksy Bananas

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Another Banksy bites the dust. Some nobber at TfL decided to paint over the famous Pulp Fiction image in which Jackson and Travolta clutch bananas in place of guns. The work near Old Street tube had been around for years.

Local barber George Thompson told the BBC, "People used to come from all over to see it and photograph it. There is no way it could have been mistaken for graffiti. Whoever destroyed it is an idiot."

TfL are taking a hard line against graffiti. Not surprising really, given the spray-on Christmas decoration received by Camden Town last year. But wiping off a Banksy (valued at £300,000) seems a little potty. Especially as the mural was immediately replaced with lesser scrawl emploring the Bristolian to 'Come back'.

A Tfl spokesperson commented, "We have no intention of changing this policy as it makes the transport system safer and more pleasant for passengers."

We look forward to feeling safer at Old Street, now no one is pointing a banana at us.

Image from the BBC.

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Paul Mison

Dearie me, I thought Londonist would be in better company than the Independent, Telegraph, Reuters and the BBC, but no. Along with them, you've parrotted this story without realising that the original Banksy referred to has been gone for at least two years.

In that time it's been replaced by, amongst other things, profane anti-terrorist slogans, "Nothing Lasts Forever", and perhaps most amusingly, Jackson and Travolta (what the hell were you doing referring to Tarantino?) poking out of banana outfits.

The thread at has pictures of a couple of these as well as commentary on their comings and goings. Since there's a thriving group (or four) there who actually like Banksy's work, maybe it's a good place to do some fact checking?


Good comment, Paul. Got me bang to rights. Slipped on a banana skin, so to speak.

I have a blind spot when it comes to anything involving Samuel Jackson, having muddled him with Samuel Johnson a couple of weeks back. Think I'll correct this Tarantino/Travolta mixup though.

Jason Vincent

Why is there this hypocrisy about graffiti?
Either you like graffiti and allow it, or you ban it, but why should Banksy be treated any differently to the scores of other artists?

Because he puts something on the wall, it instantly becomes worth £300k? Well, tell him to put it on a canvas and then hang it outside, instead of marring public places.

Personally, I think Banksy's making a fool of the general public, and the authorities who believe that his art is worth large sums of money, while other, more painstakingly drawn/sprayed art is rubbished as vandalism.