Piccadilly Pinball

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Piccadilly Pinball

More genius from Rich and Mark. They're not students. Honest.

Last Updated 02 March 2007


I am aware that the term "genius" is bandied around rather casually these days.

This, however, takes the cake.


genius! are you serious? please stop.


I'd certainly have a big grin on my face if some bearded jerk pushed into me in Piccadilly, oh yes. Why, I laugh even now, recalling the oh-so-hilarious footage of the same guy pushing in between couples walking down Oxford Street - I only wish I'd been there to see it happen! How I would have convulsed with mirth at the breaking of restrictive social conventions of, erm, being vaguely polite to each other - soooo daring! Outrageous!

Seriously, Londonist, why do you keep promoting this sub-Balls-of-Steel (and that's saying something) bollocks? Stop it now, before Channel 4 commissions a series.

Tony Wisty

What can I say? Made me laugh, brightened up a dismal rainy day. More please!