Mind The WAP

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Mind The WAP

The grating bray of commuting airheads encroaches yet further upon our unwary psyches.

"The below-ground sections of the Underground (accounting for 45% of the network) are one of the few places in London where you are unable to use a mobile phone. We recognise that there is now growing demand for mobile coverage to be extended to deep-level sections of the Tube."

But fear not, the first tests are still a year away. Even then, they'll be restricted to the warring bankers line.

Coverage will be available on the Waterloo & City platforms and will extend to tunnels between the two stations.

LU guess that full underground communication won't be rolled out until mid-2009 due to it being 'more difficult than expected'. They are, however, pressing ahead with tests of other irritants on the Tube.

Bah. You won't catch this blog using modern technology.

Last Updated 15 March 2007


I really don't want them to extend the mobile phone network onto the tube. I am borderline homicidal on my daily commute as it is. I simply know that I'll be up on assault charges within a week if when this technology comes to fruition.

I'll never get a 'Niceity' token under these conditions!


I wouldn't mind if it was text and data connetion only. ;) Let people use crackberries, text messaging, text IM and email, at least it is a silent activity where I don't have to listen to weekend warrior stories about the strange condoms found in their bed and how cool it was to see their multi colored spew.