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We love Google Maps. Hell, we love most Google products - if they launched Google Murder we'd be all up your intestine with a sharpened screwdriver while Yahoo! were still beta testing Killr (only kidding - we love Yahoo! too - especially their tubes).

Anyway, where were we? Oh yeah, Google Maps. So far the zoomability on London is pretty good, but do you know what we really want? This:


Just imagine the guy looking up is Ken Livingstone, the goats are Evening Standard readers and the camels are bendy buses and you can see the future.

This is quite literally a tiny oasis in a blurry world at the moment, but it's only a matter of time before we're posting stuff with the title IM IN UR LOW CUT TOP BLOGGIN UR BOOBZ.

Last Updated 22 March 2007


Another very tenuous link to London
and when a story IS about the capital
it's invariably reduced to a tortured analogy involving an obscure movie plot.
Just give me another rehashed BBC link and let me forget I ever thought this would be something other
than a orgy of self-promotion for its editors.
Citizen journalism? or self-aggrandizing, sci-fi obsessed, adolescent musings.
Call it what you like, it's embarassing for all concerned, myself included.


Lets have at look at the front page right now shall we?

Bookended with a link for comic relief to buy a blogging book that we had nothing to with and a chance to give some money to refugee kids. Self promotion? Not really.

Centre Point as a pint of beer is pretty adolescent. Then we have some London lit events, a stand up review, a link to an interview regarding the best London set film in ages, a review of Optronica, an over-view of London's Roman walls, a post on extra community officers in the capital, a plug for ironic Oyster wallets, a link to another London blog that you are more than welcome to go read instead and a reference to a film event taking place in London that we admit may be a tad obscure (it's called Star Wars and it's pretty good - you'll probably have to order it in HMV). All this AND a story about a sweary clown.

Sorry that so much of Londonist winds you up, but despite the way we torture the odd analogy we never lock the door on your browser. That is to say we never treat our readers like the folk trapped in Gusher No Binds Me (Japan 2004).

Edwin Lyons

Well, I like this article, and I like most of what you cover. Keep up the good work.