Tornado Alert

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Tornado Alert

Via Yahoo news... a TORNADO:

A tornado has hit a North London street, severely damaging several houses. Eyewitnesses said it lasted only a few seconds, but it ripped off at least one roof and tore down the side of a house. It is not thought anyone was hurt, but cars, houses and street furniture were damaged.

Anyone out in that? Photos? Video? Young girl with small dog pursued by witch?

Update: Sky have some footage (cheers to Simon for the link) and Aardvark has some photos of the emergency services springing into action.

Last Updated 07 December 2006


Sky have mobile phone film ...

(more money to Mr Murdoch)


Cheers Simon!

Kuba James

I did some pictures early morning today. I live near by.


Thanks Kuba - great photos throughout your blog! I'll update the post.

Jason Paris

I actually live in Toronto, but briefly lived in London about 8 years ago. The house in this footage looks strangely like the one I lived in! Can anyone let me know the actual area (perhaps even the street) this footage is from? I lived in the Bounds Green area. Thanks!