Extra, Extra

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Extra, Extra
  • Two men have been arrested for murder of a police officer in Wembley back in May.
  • After announcing new congestion charges for 4x4 drivers, Ken is probably rejoicing today after it was revealed sales of the vehicles are down 15% compared to this time last year.
  • But is the slump because they're all buying electric cars instead? Doubtful, but The Green Guy has got some photos of the newly installed electric car chargepoints in Westminster.
  • First Simon Pegg, and now the ace Jessica Stevenson will be guest starring in Doctor Who next series.
  • And finally, a velied Muslim will give this years alternative Xmas message on Channel 4. Drunken Blogging isn't impressed and has already complained to the station and received a rather curt reply.
  • Photo taken from Oliver Wood's photostream and the Londonist pool.

    Last Updated 06 December 2006


    Have you read the drunken blogging site you link to, Talia?
    it's far from uncontroversial, and it seems to have as it's focus the demonisation of islam.

    They have a link to infidel bloggers UK at the top of their blogroll, a site that recycles all the right wing nutbar cliches like 'dhimitude' and mohammed cartoons. It also has an 'infidel babe' pinup, to make sure people are aware that they don't want women subjected to the covering up when they can be ogled instead.

    I'm not suggesting you shouldnt link to it(this is the internet after all. free as it gets speech and everything) but I would have liked a bit of warning before I was confronted with all the bile and idiocy over there.

    There are some comments arguing the toss under some of the posts, but for the most part it seems to be unexamined kneejerk anti-islam stuff.
    There is no mention of ipswich, for example, but there are loads of posts about how women are being forced to wear the niqab.

    I don't get the impression it's all about feminism for those guys.

    Would you mind saying something about the content of the site for us? eEither here or there?
    as it is they have a trackback to your article, and it does seem rather like you support them.
    (You may not, but linking without condemnation it does seem as though you do at least a little)