Blair: Think Tank "Out of Time"

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Blair: Think Tank "Out of Time"
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Blair is having a time of it. Following on from a little unwanted attention by the police it turns out the one person in the world that he wants to be noticed by doesn't really care:

Tony Blair has failed to influence the policies of George Bush's White House in any significant way, despite his unwavering support for the US president, a leading foreign affairs think tank said today. Delivering its verdict on ten years of foreign policy under Mr Blair, a Chatham House briefing paper said his legacy would be defined by the "terrible mistake" of the war with Iraq

But surely our unflinching support, shoulder to shoulder of whatever Bush wants to do must have had some positive results. Maybe a quick reacharound?

"Tony Blair has learnt the hard way that loyalty in international politics counts for very little... The bilateral relationship with the United States may be 'special' to Britain, but the US has never described it as more than 'close',"

Those bastards, taking a little sensitive guy with so much to offer and filling his head with promises only to take what they wanted and then toss him aside like a piece of used toilet tissue. Poor Tony.

But we'll show them. Just wait until we get ourselves some shiny new Trident missiles. We do count! We do!

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This is all true, but it is also true that there never has been a 'special relationship' from the day Churchill coined the catchphrase.

With Reagan and Thatcher playing Laurel and Hardy, it was easier for British people to imagine that we actually held the upper hand, however delusional that may have been.

It is only with Tony Blair that we have seen one delusional character fool himself, when nobody in either country was under any illusion whatsoever.

Blair has made a spectacle of himself and by association with his spivs and cronies in government, made Britain appear like a basket case banana republic. Why would anyone imagine that he would earn anything like respect?


All this is true, but it is also true that there was never a 'special relationship' from the day that Chuchill coined the catchphrase.

When Reagan and Thatcher played Laurel and Hardy, it was possible for Britain to believe that we actually called the shots, however delusional that may have been.

With Blair, we have seen one character, a weak prime minister desperate to be loved by everyone, foolish enough to imagine that he was wielding power. He was the only one in the world so deluded.

He has, however, with his henchmen, spivs, acolytes and courtiers, degraded Britain to the point that it is now regarded as a basket case banana republic. Why would America not ride roughshod over him?


The interesting thing about the UK Trident missiles is that they still pretty much belong to the Americans even if they are located on UK submarines:

"The UK has access to 58 missiles from the US pool of Trident II D5 missiles. British Trident Submarines collect the missiles from the US Trident base at Kings Bay, Georgia in the South-East of the United States....[they] are maintained and serviced in the United States."