Random Graffito Of The Week

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Random Graffito Of The Week

Spotted (in two senses) on the corner of Cromwell Road and Queen's Gate (i.e. outside that cultural megosaur, the Natural History Museum). A quick Flickr search reveals that this is not the only one. Since mid-August, similar posters have been appearing all over the place.


Definitive list


Brompton Road

Cavendish Square

Chelsea Bridge Road

Chiltern Street (Marylebone)

Cromwell Road

Exeter Street (Covent Garden)

Garrick Street


Latimer Road

Portobello Road

St Martin's Lane

Let us know if you can add to this list, and we'll see if some kind of pattern emerges. And please tell us it's not just another viral marketing campaign by a soft drink manufacturer or something.

Last Updated 15 September 2006


southampton street, covent garden - on the postbox

have you seen whats happened to the Quanoh posters? -- the 'Quanoh' has been blacked out, presumably by Quanoh


They're all over the place up near me (Marylebone / Fitzrovia way). I'll try to remember where exactly when I go home later, or I'll flickr and geotag them.


There is one on Oxford Street (on the corner with Argyll Street) as well.


There are two on a telephone box on St Martin's Lane, Covent Garden - right by Pret a Manger. Perhaps that's the theme?


Nice idea, but there aren't any Prets near the one I found on Cromwell Road.


The first one I saw appeared outside the Theatre School I work at in Marylebone- I took it as a bit of a dig at us, but since then others have appeared elsewhere, and there doesn't seem to be any common link between them that I can see. Calling bits of London 'Cultural Blackspots' is moronic anyway. Our street had a single written about it by Barry 'XTC' Andrews- and it got to, ooh, number twelfty in the charts. I'd call that a bit of a cultural hotspot meself....


I know that song.
"And you can see Balcombe Street from Rossmore Road"



Sydney Street and the Kings Road in Chelsea, too.

Nothing in South London then?!

Edwin Lyons

Map them out someone :)

Edwin Lyons

Map them out someone :)


There's one on a letterbox on Marloes road, W8, at the corner with Stratford Road (near the Devonshire pub). I walk past it every day and think 'what's that all about?'


There's one on Fitzmaurice place, Mayfair, on a phone box. map
I have to say that it's pretty spot on. The last poster at that spot was for Dave Chappelle's block party


Wood Lane, corner of South Africa Road. You know, surrounded by BBC buildings...


There's one on the wall opposite Piccolo Sandwich Bar on Shepherd Street (Shepherd's Market).