Flight diverted

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Flight diverted

4pm: BBC:

A flight from London to Washington DC has been diverted to Boston after the pilot declared an emergency because of a "passenger disturbance". United Flight 923, with 182 passengers, left Heathrow Airport and landed at Boston's Logan International Airport, an airline spokesman said. Three passengers are believed to have been involved with a confrontation with the crew on board the flight. State police are said to have taken control of the plane after it landed.

4.10: BBC News 24 are reporting that a woman on board the flight was carrying an "al-Qaeda note".

There's also something about a screwdriver, matches and vaseline.

Could be terrorists. Could be B3TA. Hard to say at this point.

Fighter jets were scrambled. There's some great footage of every single bag being laid out on the tarmac at Boston and being given a damn good sniff.

4.20: They're now saying it was "one unruly passenger".

A reporter from Boston is saying the woman was sixty years old and did indeed have the screwdriver/matches/vaseline/al-Qaeda note combo. She was apparently trussed up by the crew.

4.45: They now reckon she wasn't a terrorist, but rather had 'problems' that included being claustrophobic.

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What's a note from al-Qaeda exactly?

"Dear Sir, please excuse my daughter from P.E. today as she has atheletes foot...and is an international terrorist hell bent on mass carnage.

Yours sincerley etc."


Some people would pay to be trussed up by a flight attendant after a screwdriver and vaseline mishap.

Not me. Stop looking at me like that.


Anyone else weirded out by the BBC filing this under "Middle East" news? While continually accused of pro-Arab bias, that's pretty presumptuous...