Where Can I Watch The Oscars?

By Rob Last edited 147 months ago
Where Can I Watch The Oscars?

A Londonist reader emailed us this week to ask the following question:

Are there any places in London where film buffs gather to watch the Oscar broadcast? And who is the UK broadcaster of the Academy Awards?

Well we can answer the second half of that question right off the bat: Sky is the 'official UK broadcaster of the Academy Awards' and their coverage starts at 1 in the morning on the Sunday night.

However the first part of the query is causing us some problems.

We assumed that, thanks to our new licensing laws, that there must be a bar or two somewhere in London that would be throwing an Oscars party complete with speech-related drinking games and Acadamy-themed nibbles. But can we find one? Can we hell.

We've even asked our 'contact' (alright, friend of a friend) at the BFI but came up empty handed.

We know there's a 'bit of a do' going on at 5 Cavendish Square because Play.com were offering tickets as competition prizes but good luck trying to crash that. Our second guess was the Charlotte Street hotel, just becasue they hold a regular Sunday film club and their restaurant is called Oscar. But a quick glance at their website reveals that they're screening Dead Poets' Society, and there's no mention of the Oscars.

We've checked Google, Craig's List, Upcoming.org...everywhere. Can you help us (and our inquisitive reader) out? Email us or leave a comment if you can.

Last Updated 01 March 2006


how 'bout someone throws one...i could volunteer my place?


how 'bout someone throws one...i could volunteer my place?


Is there really NO oscar party in the whole of London? I don't have Sky Movies, otherwise everyone would be welcome...where's your place Proush, me and a bottle of champagne are on our way over!


Are there any websites streaming it online?


me and my friends are all wondering where we can watch the oscars, are there no bars showing it/????


Why in the world is it so tough to watch the Oscars in London? Frustrated!