Pete, Dud And Alf Remembered

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Pete, Dud And Alf Remembered

Dudley Moore and Peter Cook will be resurrected to return to the West End where their comedy careers started. Not, we hasten to add, in resurrected corpse / zombie form (though who wouldn't want to see a zombie Dudley Moore choking on brains as an undead Peter Cook tries to make him laugh). Come Again was first performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival last summer and will open in London at The Venue in Leicester Square from 7th March.

Come Again focuses on Peter Cook's treatment of Dudley Moore, told from Dudley's point of view and explores the bullying, cruelty and frustration of being the little fall guy to Cook's big intellectual wit. Heralded as poignant and insightful by reviewers when it first opened at the Edinburgh Fringe, this play is less a reprisal of the duo's best gags and more a drama about the relationship that created the country's best loved comedy. The play will be performed by all members of the original cast except Peter Cook - Tom Goodman-Hill from Channel 4 sketch show Spoons will take over from Scott Handy.

Meanwhile, Matt Lucas of Little Britain fame has confirmed his first major film role. The comedy actor who made chav chic by stretching pink velour tracksuits over his portly frame while uttering "yes, but, no, but" will play Alfred Hitchcock in a new film about the film director's life. Ewan McGregor will co-star in the as yet untitled film - will Lou and Andy become Ew and Alfie? We wait with not-exactly held breath.

Last Updated 02 February 2006