Hyde Park Roundabout Holiday Home?

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Hyde Park Roundabout Holiday Home?

Did we dream this, or was there a news item on the radio this morning about a flat in the middle of Hyde Park roundabout which would be available as some sort of 'holiday home' in the near future?

We've been scanning Google News all day to make sure we're not going crazy but we can't find a thing.

Not even our favourite London property blog Rat and Mouse has covered the story.

Has anyone heard anything or do we need to start cutting back on the cheese and toast before bed?

Help us out here please.

UPDATE: Londonist readers are the best. Thanks to Jim in the comments who assured us we aren't mad. Although he did find the story in the Standard Lite, so we fear for his sanity. The flats in question are the famously tiny pied-à-terres inside Marble Arch, which were once used as a mini-copshop (first mentioned on Londonist way back in Feb 2005).

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Don't worry, you're not dreaming! Whilst enjoying a traditional Friday lunchtime in the pub earlier, I happened to flick through a colleague's copy of the Sub-Standard Lite and read exactly the same thing. The flat in question is, somewhat bizarrely, Marble Arch. There are actually three small rooms inside, which were used as a police station until 1950. These are now being decked out for the 21st century and being pressed into use as a fairly unique holiday home! One can only wonder at how much a week in Marble Arch is going to set you back of course...


Think it was in the Guardian today too.


Scratch that, it was the Times Property section, and I'd link it, except their website doesn't want to load the page!



i heard this story on radio 4 this morning...altho i heard it was at hyde park corner, not marble arch. not the wellington arch, but the other one across the street from it. the yellow looking one. if that makes any sense at all


I too read it in the Times this morning.

Google news gives me this link:



I took a tour round the Wellington arch a couple of weekends ago (highly reccommended, BTW). As well as a small 4-gallery museum and viewing platform, there were a couple of rooms with builders working in them. Possibly the flats?