Battersea Bridge Reopens

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Battersea Bridge Reopens

Battersea Bridge has reopened today, four months after someone ran a barge into it.

At one point it was thought that the bridge would be closed right up until the Spring, but thanks to the "careful planning, hard work and repair techniques of the engineers," the work came in ahead of schedule (yes, really) and Ken hasn't missed the opportunity to big up TfL for their stirling work:

"It is great news that Battersea Bridge is to re-open to traffic well ahead of schedule.

"This is another confirmation of TfL's excellent track record of delivering major projects on time or ahead of schedule and to budget."

In related news, a ceremony took place on London Bridge yesterday in order that Thames could be blessed.

As part of the annual ritual a cross was thrown into the Thames and prayers said for people who work on the river... and then Edward Woodward was burned alive inside a giant wicker man.

Sorry, it's a bit early on a Monday morning for that kind of facetiousness isn't it.

Last Updated 16 January 2006

Andrea Casalotti

The bridge was NOT closed: busses and bikes could ride on it. Other motor vehicles were barred from using it.

A bit surprised to see you take such a car-centric view.

Rob Hinchcliffe

AC - I'm pretty sure we did report on reopening of the bridge to buses and pedestrians when it happened, we also reported on the fact that bus drivers were apparently breaking the 'one bus at a time' rule.

Maybe we should have made it clearer that the bridge was reopening to traffic, but it is difficult to not be 'car-centric' when the story is about cars.

I guess you could accuse us of being bridge-centric too.