You can check out any time you like But you can never leave

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You can check out any time you like But you can never leave

We've spent more time than is good for us in the Trocadero Centre. It hosts the Raindance Film Festival, has a cheap as chips cinema and is still the best place to impress members of the opposite sex with your mole bashing skills. Best of all it's an actual tourist trap in that once you get stuck inside one of the arcades you may as well give up on any hope of ever seeing your family again. It's a little like being trapped in a noisy neon tweenie version of the Mines of Moria - we swear we've seen Ian McKellen there, all hair and mighty staff, stopping Japanese tourists from beating his high score on Out-Run by screaming "You Shall Not Pass!".

We also spent the scariest fifteen minutes of our lives in there - trapped underground while being chased by facehuggers and xenomorphs... anyone else remember the awesome AlienWar?

Anyheck, plans are afoot to offer the wary traveler a place to kip in the form of a 600-bed budget hotel.

It may not have the same high class appeal as say a night in Paris Hilton, but if you've gotta get your head down somewhere cheap then it's probably going to beat the 70 quid an hour bed-and-broad in Soho.

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I remember that alien thing! What a blast from the past! I went to see it when I was 15 for a friend's birthday and expected it to be totally tragic and lame and it was utterly terrifying! Really really scary. Clearly all actors in rubber alien outfits but nonetheless atmospheric and totally creepy....


You too?!

I still have flashbacks to the kid who was pulled out of the lift at the last minute and ripped to pieces...

Best bit was running full tilt out of the door at the end, screaming and pushing women and children behind you as you went, only to find yourself looking a bit sheepish and surrounded by tourists on the other side.

Criminal that they took that way.


I remember that sprint for the exit too! When we all ran for the door one of my friends fell over and another girl ran over her. At the time I was like 'Damn right, every man for himself!' and afterwards I thought 'oh for heavens sake!'. And when they pulled someone out of the lift the guide said 'Oh my god, who was that?' my know-it-all friend piped up 'an actor' but we were STILL SCARED. Daft or what...


Doesn't sound daft at all to me Katie.

Not many people will understand what we went through down there...

Just found an old Wired article on it:

1994... damn.


I remember AlienWar, as well! It scared the shit out of me! I was only 13 at the time, I think. Why oh why did they shut it down?


It didn't seem to last very long did it? Maybe we'll have a go at tracking down the people behind it for an interview...