"Let's put on our Classics and have a little dance shall we?"

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"Let's put on our Classics and have a little dance shall we?"

Recognise that line?

Of course you do, it's from Mike Skinner's debut album, Original Pirate Material, specifically the single Let's Push things Forward.

Now we like Mike. Not only does he make great records (A Grand Don't Come for Free being our favourite album of 2004 by a long chalk), he also lives in a converted pub in Stockwell and has just become the first UK musician to be asked to star in Reebok's I Am What I Am campaign.

As well as namechecking them on his album Skinner is apparently a 'long time wearer' of Reebok and so they've asked him to promote the brand over the next year starting with an ad in which he states "I never quite fitted into any scene. So I made my own. It's better to be yourself than a poor version of someone else".

Musicians who do adverts? Wherever you stand on it, we think it's pretty hard to dislike Mike.

Last Updated 26 August 2005


Ever thought about where those Classics are made? And who makes em?

Still respect the little wideboy?