London Explosions

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London Explosions

EMERGENCY HOTLINE: 0870 1566 344

Some useful links:

Guardian News Blog.

Very useful Wikipedia page.

Transport for London.

Breaking News: the entire tube network is down and all stations are being evacuated because of reported 'power surges' at various places on the system.

Explosions have been reported at Edgware Road and Aldgate and there are reports of 'walking wounded' and commuters smashing windows of trains with 'their umbrellas' to get out.

There is at least one report of one person being seriously hurt.

Update: Reports of a loud explosion and clouds of thick black smoke on the Circle Line Train between Edgware Road and Paddington. Someone was apparently 'blown out of the door' of the train. There have apparently been power surges at other stations (Kings Cross, Old Street and Russell Square) but no explosions at those stations.

The media are saying that the cause is 'thought to be electrical'. Traffic is, as would imagine, at gridlock.

Further Update (10:15) Rumours of an explosion on a bus at Tavistock Square.

10:20 - union officials have reported at least one 'explosive device' on the Tube.

10:26 - no electrical surges and explosions on three buses.

10:40 - reports of fatalities on buses.

10:50 - unconfirmed reports of second explosion at Tavistock Sq.

10:56 - at least 90 casualties at Aldgate station.

10:59 - Ken Livingstone is to come back from Singapore early.

11:07 - Zone 1 bus routes suspended. Blair to make statement at 12 noon.

11:15 - Suspect package found at Stockwell. Reports of an explosion at Hounsditch near Liverpool St. Police are counting six 'events' (explosions).

11:32 - Arab sources have told the BBC that Al Qaeda are 'almost certainly' responsible. Two fatalities at Aldgate East.

11:40 - Traces of explosives found at at least one of the scenes.

12:13 - Rescue operation going on in Kings Cross tunnel.

12:18 - Charles Clarke statement due shortly.

12:20 - Reports from the London Ambulance Service of an explosion in Leicester Square.

12:29 - Number of explosions now officially at 7 within a 45 minute timescale. Talk of a 'suicide bombing' but nothing confirmed at all.

12:35 - Police are saying that there was no warning given before the


12:37 - LAS have just confirmed a bus explosion in Leicester Square.

13:01 - The Guardian Newsblog have denied the reports of an explosion at Leicester Square via an eye witness account.

13:17 - Confirmation of a 'number of fatalities' at Edgware Road. Two trains were involved on the Circle line - second carriage of southbound train and another train. The tube will be closed all day today, that includes the DLR.

13:32 - statement from Ken:

"London has been the target of a cowardly terrorist attack. Londoners have responded calmly and courageously.

I commend the professionalism, courage of the Metropolitan Police, Transport for London staff, the Ambulance, Fire and other emergency services.

Innocent people going from all of London's communities have been targeted by this indiscriminate attack. I urge Londoners from all of this city's diverse communities and faiths to support one another and stand together against terrorism."

13:42 - If you're looking for a way home tonight you might want to look into ferry services on the Thames - we've heard there may be some free services running.

14:08 - The number of explosions is now back down to four. Three on the tube, one on the bus at Tavistock Square. There have been a number of controlled explosions around the city but the rumour that a suicide bomber was shot earlier by police is definitely not true.

15:14 An Emergency Hotline has been set up: 0870 1566 344

15:15 Blair is back at Number Ten

15:17 Thames Clippers are putting on free travel on the river on all of their boats. For more information please call 0870 781 5049 (Thanks to Phillip for the details in the comments below).

15:42 Londonist's Mike is ending coverage; Will is taking over.

15:45 Things seem much quieter on the streets here near Victoria; there are still sirens but not the continual noise we heard earlier. Planes can still be heard going into Heathrow.

Full text of Blair's address.

15:52 We're getting reports that Heathrow Terminal 3 is being evacuated.

15:53 It seems Heathrow T3 is now being reopened.

15:58 G8 postpones climate and poverty decisions.

16:04 Death toll apparently in the 40-45 area. Link.

16:09 Coverage seems to be winding down, perhaps in preparation for the evening news.

16:10 Polly, one of our commenters, reports that mainline services from Euston are resuming. We shall see how much of the network is restored tomorrow; my guess is 99% of the mainline rail network and 70-80% of the Tube network. Certainly, you're not getting a Circle Line train today, or for several weeks at least.

16:17 The Scotsman has a very thorough report. It says 33 dead, hundreds injured, but NO ONE IS TRAPPED UNDERGROUND at this moment.

16:22 There's a resumption in sirens here in Victoria (according to me) and in west London (according to another Londonista).

16:23 TV and radio coverage does now seem to be returning to normal.

16:26 According to commenter Polly, mainline rail services have now resumed.

16:23 A gruesome eyewitness report from an Indian paper. Londonist prescribes a pinch of salt.

Eyewitness reports at the BBC.

16:42 It seems all mainline stations are now re-opened, but expect serious disruption. Of course.

We might get the deep Tube lines tomorrow, but expect serious to critical disruption on the Circle, Metropolitan, Hammersmith and City and District lines. The Bakerloo looks dodgy as well.

16:53 The Wibbler report - a link to the terrorist statement. But frankly attacks like this are like a salad bar to terror groups. They can all claim responsibility.

16:56 Ken Livingstone's full statement.

17:00 There will be a special extended edition of the 6 O'clock BBC news.

Itlooks like about 40-50 casualties. R4 PM is saying "Terror strikes London". Sombre coverage.

"It was not a question of IF. It was a question of when, and the when was today." - on PM

17:03 All mainline services and buses are now running, according to Radio 4. Al-Qaeda in Iraq says it has killed the Egyptian ambassador.

17:15 The DLR is apparently running. BBC reports 33 dead.

17:18 King's Cross is still very disrupted; it seems the Swindon, Brighton and Heathrow T3 scares were just that, scares. A long walk home for many, but the buses are running - still overcrowded.

17:24 British Transport Police say "take a bus home", but the Bus system is still in chaos. (although running)

17:31 Blair says Muslims are overwhelmingly law-abiding and decent.

17:33 Platforms 8-10 at King's Cross have apparently re-opened. Blair is still expressing his sympathy.

17:43 All the Londonist staff would like to express their intense gratitude at the response we have received today. Thank you all for your sympathy on this awful day. We will see how far we can resume normal service tomorrow.

17:51 Still helicopters howling over central London; Islamic Cultural Centre is strongly condemning attacks.

18:02 There's little more to be said here; Londonist is ending coverage for the day. We'll be resuming the best coverage we can handle tomorrow. Also, if you're in Canada, Londonist may be on breakfast television there tomorrow.

Yeah, they hit us. But we didn't go down. Londonist's sympathies go to the victims, and we like to think of the hot sweat that is breaking out across the brows of a fair few terrorist nutters right now - we're coming for you, you fuckers.

Everyone else: Thank you, you guys rock. see you tomorrow.

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Thanks for keeping me updated, the news is hopeless, they've made up the whole thing about power surges according to police :(


Yes, thanks for the updates - relying on your feed cos the amin news sites are sooooo slow. :-(


From Channel 4's Snowmail:

**Breaking news**

London Underground has suspended all services following reports of explosions near Liverpool St and Edgware Road this morning.
We are also receiving news of explosions on a number of buses including one in Tavistock Square - and further explosions on the Piccadily Line near King's Cross.

Emergency services were called to London's Liverpool Street Station after reports of an explosion shortly before 9am.

British Transport Police said the incident, reported at at 8.49am on the Metropolitan Line between Liverpool Street and Aldgate.

London Underground said: "The network has been suspended until further notice and all stations are being evacuated.

"This follows major incidents at Liverpool Street and Edgware Road (Hammersmith & City) stations. Emergency services are on site and are working closely with London Underground."

A spokesman for the City of London Police said there were "quite a large number of casualties" at Aldgate Station.

Mainline train company First Great Western said its services into London's Paddington station were terminating at Reading in Berkshire because of the Underground crisis.

More to follow and at Noon on Channel 4.


Keep up the good work! You're the best source to what's happening I found so far.


For rapid updates on today's shocking events, the guardian's news blog is doing a good job, as long as the site stays up.


Blair is due to speak at noon today.

Mickey Eye

Thanks for keeping us up to date, as an expat I'm having trouble getting any solid news and the bbc online radio seems to be a tad overloaded right now.


Nearly everyone who writes for Londonist is in touch right now so we'll be posting updates as soon as we have them.

Apart from the sirens it's all quiet in SE1 and people in Canary Wharf tell me it's all quiet there too.


Greetings from america.

You are doing a wonderful job with your timeline. I have linked to your site in my post. We are desperate for information here in the states.

I feel for the people of london, and apologize in advance for the stupidity which our media will surely display.

Keep up the good work.

Again, our prayers are with the people of London.


Oh my god... this is frightening. My heart's with you right now, London...


My thoughts and prayers are with you all.

--A reader from the U.S.

Washington DC

Our thoughts are with you and all Londoners.


A previously unknown group supposedly linked to al Quaeda has claimed responsibility. There's a pic at Der Spiegel


Guardian Newsblog have denied the reports of an explosion at Leicester Square - looks all quiet over there on the webcam.


I'm an American and want to give my support to all in the UK, but especially to those in London living through this tragedy.


Thanks to all at the Londonist for the up to date coverage - and also Thanks to all that have left prayers and so - yes it is scary here right now!


good job with the updates keep them coming. mobiles are useless now. news is equally vague and unreliable.

have linked your site for friends and family to keep track of events.


Thankyou for all the updates, they have been incredibly useful in deciphering the facts in what has been a long and confusing morning. The blog has most definitely prevailed this morning as a means of communication, as news sites have largely been unreliable. I hope all the Londonist staff are safe and well, and I hope that London never has to see anything like this again.

Chicagoist Scott

We're thinking about you guys. Glad to hear you're in touch with most of your staff and everyone's OK.


Just saw 4 ambulances leaving the corner of Fenchurch street and Lime Street. Not sure if there was an incident or if they're taking a back road in/out of town. Photo here:

Robin in NYC

Lots of love from a NYer who's lived in London. Living here on 9-11, all NYers have you all in our thoughts and prayers. Stay safe and strong!


Information regarding the free ferry service:

River Services

Thames Clippers are providing free travel on all boats to and from the following London piers:

Savoy (Cleopatra’s Needle)
Bankside (Tate Modern)
London Bridge (south side near Hay’s Galleria)
St Katharine Docks (Tower Bridge)
Canary Wharf (Canary Riverside)
Greenland (Surrey Quays)
Masthouse Terrace (Isles of Dogs)
Woolwich Arsenal


London and Londoners are in my thoughts and prayers today.

Take care everyone.


Good to see you are all ok, we are too, thanks for the useful updates


was terribly sad to hear the news when i woke up this morning...all of us in new york and the us are thinking of you today. take care.


Thanks for all the concern flowing our way. All the Londonist staff are safe and sound and we appreciate all your comments. Cheers.


Those of us in Washington, D.C. send our thoughts and prayers.


I am watching with horror from Singapore, recognizing the tube stations and streets I walked on a daily basis during my studies at UCL as direct targets of these attacks.

I returned to Singapore 2 years ago but my heart never left London. It is there with all of you now.


God bless, London.

The Red Line

My thoughts are with all of you today.


Stay safe and calm - you have our love.


You are all in our thoughts and prayers. Thanks, Londonist, for the great coverage.


Another New Yorker sending thoughts and care. Living through things like this immediately reaffirms the important things in life: friends, family, and community. We've been there and our prayers are with you.


Again, please know that New Yorkers hold our hearts and arms open for you all. Take good care.


Wow. I awoke this morning at the awful hour of 5 a.m. Don't know why really, turned on television to see the breaking news here in DC. I am so sad for London and the victims of this attack. To add to the amount of prayers and good wishes, I add mine. In this global village, Londonist is providing a great service to all of us. Stay safe.


Peter Cook

Sad day for all but I know that the people of London are strong and will get through this - you can't give in.

My thoughts are with you all - hope everyone at the Londonist is OK & families are too.

This BTW will not deter me from visiting London in the future - live life - do not cower.

In spirit with you.


Austin(ist) wishes you all stay safe, guys.


BBC Radio 2 just announced that Euston station has just re-opened - that's overground services, not the tube.


Madrid and Spain are in your hearts, britains :-(


16:22 - BBC Radio 2 report that all overground stations have now re-opened, with the exception of Kings Cross and Euston. Trains will be severley disrupted and delayed though. Good luck getting home tonight people in London!


I just wanted to type in from the Washington, DC area and say that my thoughts and prayers are with you all. I hope you, your friends and family are safe.

Dave Buster

America's hearts go out to you all in Britain...

Eric Marshall

I just wanted to chime in from Washington, D.C. and let you all know that you are in my thoughts and in my prayers. I spent a summer in London and it quickly became my favorite city and know that it will move on and be stronger than ever.

chris ullrich

great job guys. be safe. our thought are with you and all in london.

+ chris @ LAist

DCist Jason

Best wishes to our London colleagues and the entire city today. Everyone get home safe.

Austinist Justin

Thoughts and best wishes to everyone affected by this terrible act.

wonderful job keeping us all up to date on the breaking news.


I am overwhelmed with sadness.. My thoughts and prayers are with the families of those who were murdered and injured. As someone from New York, I feel your pain and sorrow. God bless London and everyone there right now.


Seattle(st) says be safe. We're all thinking of you.

Chicagoist Kristin

Thinking of you in Chicago. Take care, London.


You're doing an incredible job with your coverage, thanks very much and take care.


Thanks again guys.

Everything is winding down it seems.

Most of us are now waiting to reconnect with our better halves but we'll continue blogging as events unfold.

Tomorrow we'll try and take stock. Cheers.

DCist Becca

Hope all of your loved ones are safe.

And thank you for providing this invaluable live blogging in the midst of everything for all of those who care a lot about London and her residents.

Charly in the Arizona, USA

I just wanted to send my thoughts and prayers to London and its residents. This is a terrible tragedy.


Our hearthfelt condolences to the people of London and the UK. You are in our minds and our prayers. We hope for the recovery of those hurt. In New York we know how terrible is a terrorist attack; nevertheless, we also know that a great city such as London will recover and stand tall.

Charly in Arizona, USA

I just wanted to send my thoughts and prayers to London and its residents. This is a terrible tragedy.


Deepest sympathy to all Brits today. It's so hard to type with tears in my eyes.


Thinking about all of you here in DC. Stay safe and thanks for the great coverage.

Mike from NYC

Our prayers are with you London.

Tom Phillips

Rob, good to know you guys are okay. Good coverage, too - we've been doing the same over at The London Line. It's been... wearing.

What a day.


Best wishes are with you guy thru this.

Friends from Germany
jen in nyc

my thoughts are with you!

Parker from San Diego

California's sympathies are with you, London!


London, I send my deepest sympathies to your great city on behalf of Columbia, South Carolina, USA. God bless.


My thoughts are with you all in London, as a Londoner living now in Chicago I can only imagine the scene.
I know londoners are the most resilient people out there and the last paragraph you guys wrote today told it all for me.
They had better watch out.

stephen in dc

Another from DC sending my sympathies. you are in our thoughts. you've done a great service to your city with this coverage.

Chicagoist Erin

Love you guys -- sending lots of support and prayers out to London from Chicago.


Glad you're all checked in. I waited till I had confirmed all family and friends before checking the blogs, but it's good to see you all around.

Jed in Brooklyn

Thoughts and prayers from New York. You've all handled things remarkably well, the classic steely resolve of Londoners has shone through this episode. Be strong. Be vigilant. Be safe.


You are all in our thoughts. Thanks for the excellent coverage.

Daniel Berczik

Thanks for the stellar job. My daughter goes to school in London. She's in Morocco at the moment, but her boyfriend lives very close to the Edgware station. We have heard from her and she tells us that he is fine. London has become her home and maybe because of that we feel it is our second home. Our thoughts are with all Londoners and admire the resolve and strength of our British friends. Please take care.

Jackson West



Thoughts and prayers to London from the Midwest.


Dear Londonist & Londonors

Good luck. Don't let the bastards get you down.

My thoughts are with you - ex-Londonor now SFist, Sam


Great on-the-ground coverage guys. From New York, my hearts and prayers go out to everyone in London tonight.

Charla in Chicago

Sending you prayers from Chicago. God Bless London.

PDawg near Philadelphia, Penns

Keeping everyone in the UK, and especially London, in our hearts. You are in our thoughts.


The prayers and empathy of New Yorkers are with you today London. Be safe.

Tin Man, NYC

My thoughts are with everyone in London. Stay safe, and have heart.

Derek Hoskins

Another American here. You guys are in my and my family's thoughts and prayers. He have your back...

Semper Fidelis


I was encouraged to see the strong resolve of your leaders, emergency personel, and citizens after todays events. You have backbone and are in our prayers.
Murphy Wichita Falls, TX


I moved to London from Chicago a few months ago and this day has been emotionally exhausting. Having said that, I am really impressed with how the city has responded. Things could have been a lot worse.


Thank you for this moderate, calm and factual coverage. Thank you for staying level-headed. Thank you for proving that the indepedent media is often more organized, intelligent and reliable than CNN any day of the week.

I am so impressed at the calm, rational, and steadfast reaction the city and country have given these events. I am proud to see so much solidarity, tolerance and reason.

I am an ex-Londoner and dual UK citizen, today I am proud to be standing with you.

Tamara S

As others have said well done on the fantastic coverage.

Not sure if you know that has a link to your site.


Many prayers from America.

A from Kansas

I've been to London many times, and it is the only large city in which I have ever felt entirely comfortable. I'm so sorry this has happened. My thoughts are with you and I pray that everyone you love is safe.


More thoughts and prayers coming to you from DC. Thank you for your coverage.


From all of us at SWOGO (South Western Ohio Geocachers) Are hearts are with our Londoners.


London, America loves you and stands by you. You are family.

Liza in Brooklyn

We're thinking of you here in New York, London.

liz in nyc

hang in there, cousins. new york city's got your back.

bob denver NYC

I hope you quickly track down the fuckers that did this. All the best.


My deep concern and prayers to the people of London from Ohio. Stand tall you have weathered this with dignity and courage we in the US exepected no less. We stand with you.


Overcrowded means different things to workers in any capital city than to the rest of the world.

From a native at the scene, the buses were not overcrowded in the usual London sense. In fact they were clearer than usual, and journey times south were faster than ever before.

Leave it to London to thrive in a crisis. 'S'what we do best.

Dave in NYC

Brooklyn here- you guys are in our thoughts. Much love.


Prayers and thoughts from Alabama. We Americans are with you. We love y'all. Our deepest sympathy.
Stay safe, stay strong.


All day long, I've been reading about the bravery of the Brits in the face of this event. My admiration and sympathy from Atlanta.


Thoughts of solidarity from SFist Sarah.

Your coverage has made all 'fisters proud; we stand behind you.


Across the pond, over here in the States, we stand with you. You guys have such courage, such strength, and we're proud to have your back.

Mike Sager

DC has London's back. We love our brothers and sisters in the UK. Your resolve and grit has won our appreciation, and our respect. We love you guys.


I woke to the news of the bombing yesterday morning and it brought memories of 9/11 back. My thoughts are with all Londoners and especially those families who lost loved ones.

sophia in nyc

Waking up to the news that London was attacked was like re-living a nightmare...I love London as much as I love New York, and that's hella lots. Our thoughts and support are with you.

Shannon in Portland, OR

More thoughts and prayers from America. We stand with you. You are not alone!


My prayers and thoughs are with you. As an American I believe we will stand with you and help anyway we can. We will make the guilty pay.

Not even as "westerners" but as human beings we have the God/Higherpower given right to live in peace and without fear. We must join together in making this world safe for all.

Jeff in Philly

I am leaving next week for London. As so many times before, America and the U.K. will stand together.

S. H.

"We're coming for you"? Are you serious? Have you learned nothing from invading Iraq?


S. H. - sort of fair comment (although we hardly write government policy), but you must understand that yesterday was an emotional time for us. As commented elsewhere, regular readers of Londonist will also know that most of the staff certainly have our doubts about the "War on terr'r" and our place in Iraq.

That said, "We're coming for you" isn't meant in the George W. sense of "Let's indiscriminately lash out at anyone and any country which vaguely resembles someone who might dislike us." It's just an indication of how determined we are to get the specific individuals. Give us some fucking credit, please.

Eric G.

I admire the Londoners for their strength.
God be with you.
And, just the same, Allah be with you - and let's all pray that this will not divide people when this is a time to stick together. Let's fight those few extremists who want to destroy our free minds.
I'm coming over to England for a camping holiday, this monday. Iwas having doubts first, but as an eye witness on the telly said: we must not let the bastards win.


Don't know if my last message posted - I just previewed it... but didn't post ....

AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!! You Brits are AMAZING and define courage and what a stiff upper lip is.

Our hearts, souls and prayers are with you. We all expect the same kind of insanity here one day. We're with you -- and we know you'll be with us.

God bless you all.


Love and prayers from Canadians to all of you.

We watched the despicable 9/11 outrage on our American cousins and friends (and on our Australian friends in Bali and our friends in Madrid) - and we now witness the same unspeakable and inhuman outrage in Britain.

Sadly, it reminds us of earlier times.

Churchill spoke to the imperative of the free world's leadership in WW2. He said, rallying the British people and in response to Nazism:

"But if we fail, then the whole world --- will sink into the abyss of a new Dark Age made more sinister, and perhaps more protracted, by the lights of perverted science (sic: theocratic insanity ... psychopathic megalomania). Let us therefore brace ourselves to our duties, and so bear ourselves that if the British Empire and its Commonwealth lasts for a thousand year, men will still say: 'This was their finest hour'."

Churchill's message is timeless. As then, you Brits are rallying with leadersip, duty and resolve.

Know our compassion and friendship for you from here in Canada. We're here with you, cousins.


Your post was quoted in my Weekly BlogScan, this week titled "Live from the London Blasts." To read your citation and join in the commentary, please join the two lines below to create the full URL.

Anna from Canada

"Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do" Luke 23:34

My prayers, and my heart is with all those that suffer.

La Bona

Rumor has it Osama bin Laden is a Jew! and whole holy war thing is nothing but a plot to render Muslims chattel slavery ...


I lived in London for a couple of years when I was very young and I still consider it home. My thoughts are with all Londoners and others who have been affected by these horrifying events. Peace.


The Left fuels Islamic terror

After each terrorist attack, there inevitably from the Left comes a call or examing "root causes". Do they wish to establish an Islamic study group, to trace Islamic jurisprudence over the centuries to see how jihad has been redefined? Likely not. What they really mean is a Leftist style policy critique of the West, especially the US: globalization, unfair trade, 'support' for Israel, lack of UN authorization for Iraq ....

This misses the point entirely. Islamic terrorists have very different reasons. They are not anti-globalists per se, but rather, wish to foster their own form of globalization. They dislike support for Israel not because they wish peace to reign, but because Israel is simply their enemy. And so forth.

Thus we have the general principal of misinterpretation of Islamic terrorism in a Western Leftist framework.

But it goes further:

The Leftist media, the anti-American agitation, the marches and effagies -- all serve to inflame passions and villainize the US, not realizing that this, with the same stroke, villainizes the West in general.

So how much a role did the British Left play in this radicalism? Is there a de facto, quid pro quo alliance between the Left and Islam?: We won't ask hard questions, we will deny Islam any responsibility, and you will agree with us that it is all the fault of the US. This may account for the softball questions being asked of Muslim neighbors by overly apologetic British media.

The British Left is now desperately trying to tell us this is not about Islam, and has "nothing" to do with Islam. (Clearly a lie. It has everything to do with at least the bomber's form of Islam) But how much does this have to do with Leftist anti-Americanism? These Muslim youth grew up in a British environment with British media. And I would wager that if they bought a newspaper, it would not be the Times.

Wouldn't a young Muslim, already tempted by radicalism for religious reasons, be further influenced by the British Left's parallel view that the US is evil? Thus we have the coincidence of anti-global blackshirts and Islamic terrorists having the same goal on the same day: disrupting the G8.

British press' role in delegitimizing the US, of fueling passions against the US in every way, could easily have further encouraged the paranoia of "Islam under attack". The irony here is that the British and EU in general played up anti-Americanism, thinking it would make them safer by distancing them from the Scapegoat. But quite to the contrary, it has only fueled a reckless and indiscriminate anger - they will inevitably be seen as half of the 'Christian West'.

As the Bali bomber put it, he would have killed more Americans, but at the end of the day, the infidels are all the same anyway.

The Left fuels anti-Americanism at its peril. Britain and Europe are also the "Christian West" in the eyes of many Muslims. The more they call the US evil and oppose it, the more fuel they throw on the anti-Western fires.

Here we have a different "cycle of violence": Islamic terror is killing British and the British Left is encouraging it.

George Vreeland Hill

I will NEVER be afraid of cowards who kill.
Neither should you!
I also pity them.
Just goes on.


My thoughts are with you all in London, as a Londoner living now in Chicago I can only imagine the scene.
I know londoners are the most resilient people out there and the last paragraph you guys wrote today told it all for me.
They had better watch out.


Very frightening times for people.

Corporate Photographer

My thoughts are with all those that were effected by the terrible acts committed on innocent people. Grant