London's <s>Bomb</s> Bullying Terror

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London's <s>Bomb</s> Bullying Terror

The idea that somehow by running away from the school bully, then the bully will not come after you is... known to be completely untrue by every kid in the playground

Ahh good to see that the government is finally cracking down on bullying in schools. What's that? You say that was actually Defence Secretary John Reid? But that doesn't make sense... unless... he wouldn't be trying to compare the deaths of 51 people to that time in 1957 when bigger boys pushed him against the wall and stole his lunch money would he?

Our Government - never afraid to admit they're responsible for anything - have taken the high road on this one. Despite the fact that most people recognise the chance of this kind of attack being carried out here escalated once we followed Bush into Iraq. Blair and company just can't see any connection... than again it's difficult when you've got your head in the sand... perhaps still looking for those pesky WMDs.

A report released by The Chatham House and Economic and Social Research Council says that the war in Iraq had boosted support, training and fund-raising for al-Qaeda:

There is no doubt that the situation over Iraq has imposed particular difficulties for the UK, and for the wider coalition against terrorism

Other voices are beginning to sound out against the PM's stance of shaking his head and refusing to listen including John McDonnell, Labour MP for Hayes and Harlington and ex-minister Claire Short who said:

"We are implicit in the slaughter of large numbers of civilians in Iraq and supporting a Middle East policy that for the Palestinians creates this sense of double standards - that feeds anger"

McDonnell meanwhile called for the troops to be brought home from Iraq:

"For as long as Britain remains in occupation of Iraq the terrorist recruiters will have the argument they seek to attract more susceptible young recruits to the bomb team. Britain must withdraw now"

He continued to say that it was now "intellectually unsustainable" to say the bombers hadn't been motivated by what was unfolding in Iraq.

We've never questioned Mr Blair's intellect. He did that himself when he decided to blindly follow another man who was once attacked by a pretzel. It will be interesting to see if Reid can keep to his bullying analogy once the funerals pick up the pace.

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I think Clare Short means 'complicit'


Bullying you say? Clarification please. Is that as in railroading anti-terror laws through less than two weeks after the London attacks, or is it as in throwing your weight around in the Persian Gulf with hundreds of thousands of troops?


Do we want truly want foreign policy based on appeasing those that blow up innocents to signal disagrement with said policy? This kind of futile tip-toeing around dangerous sorts suggests that perhaps the best analogy isn't a bully but rather a wife batterer: "If I don't burn the toast, maybe this time he won't hit me . . . "


Jennifer, this is not appeasement.

We invaded a muslim country and installed an occupation government, and we sit back here watching Big Brother while suicide bombs go off like firecrackers over there slaughtering hundreds of the Iraqi citizens we have supposedly liberated, and while the country is systematically raped and its natural resources and infrastructure are sold off. I'm a secular Westerner and that makes ME very angry indeed, so how do you think it makes impressionable young Muslims feel?

Your wife-beater analogy suggests we aren't doing anything wrong, and we're up against a far more powerful foe. That is utterly distorted. WE are the powerful ones here, and we have it in our power to demonstrate that our intentions towards the muslim world are something other than horrible bloodshed, systematic torture, and the wholesale exploitation of their natural wealth.

The only question is ... when are we going to start doing that?


Nicely said jennifer,
I wish the bush/blair the leaders of new "civilized" world realize it.


I beleive if we were 'raping them of their natural resources' Petrol would be cheaper.


Everyone keeps commenting on how the west has invaded the muslim world and how horrible it is...however the fact that the terrorists responsible for London, 9/11 and most attacks in iraq aren't Iraqis, but from, syria, Iran, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia just might show that the Iraqi Muslims may not be as upset about their "freedom" as is the rest of the isolationist Islamic Middle East


OK, so what if someone started recruiting young men from the various Protestant and Catholic churches around the UK and have them strap on bombs and blow up Arabs. Somehow, I feel the left's rationalization of this wouldn't be as favorable as when those "poor misunderstood" British born and raised Arab murderers did it.


The war in Iraq certainly didn't help matters any that's for sure. It just gave them a rallying point. Trust me, if it wasn't that, it would have been something else. After all 11/9 happened before the invasion.


Just because you can understand and rationalize why someone straps a bomb to their back and blows up people on a bus does not make it right. Red Ken, I'm looking at you. It doesn't make it right in NYC, in London, in Oklahoma City, in Northern Ireland, in Beirut or in Bali. There are civilized and correct ways to change things and blowing up people on their way to work is not one of them. Then again, we are not dealing with civilized people, we are dealing with evil and manipulating people who use their own religion to kill and expect us to accept it or bow down to them. The Muslim community needs to either join us in fighting these Islamic terrorists or bear the consequences. Until then, I will withhold my respect for the Muslim community.

Gabrielle Knight

This has nothing to do with oil just with HATE.
If the insurgents had left well alone we might of all been able to leave Iraq by now there constant bomings , kidnappings and murder force us to stay and I warrent anyone who sits on their duff and says its just oil does not have anyone serving over there or lost anyone to a terror attack. I am English and living in America I was here when they bombed the towers and now they bomb London to scare us out of Iraq are they too stupid to see we dont want to be there?? The people who do this are not civilized and they do not speak for the whole muslim nation but how long before citizens take matters into their own hands and spark a civil war in England? Too many scarey questions with no real answers from our respective governments.