Images From The Vigil

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Images From The Vigil

As you'd imagine there's already quite a few images from yesterday's Trafalgar Square vigil up on Flickr, so we thought we might point you in the direction of a few that caught our eye this morning.

The image at the top of the post is from the photostream of thetigerduck, who also captured this great image of the white balloons floating past Nelson's column.

Ian Tindale took quite a few striking, panoramic photographs of the crowds in Trafalgar Square last night, while Wireman's images seem to concentrate more on the individual faces of people attending the vigil, including Ken himself as well as members of the public (and, erm...Richard and Judy).

And talkign of R&J: Tannhauser has a picture of the daytime couple addressing the crowds underneath which he has written simply "When I woke up today, I had no idea Richard Madeley would be telling me not to surrender to hate."

And on the same account there's a blurry portrait of 'Ruper Goddam Giles' who Tanhauser is glad to see is "there for us in our hour of need".

Photographer Estherase has some fantastic images on her account including this one of two teenagers holding a 'Against Terorism, Against Racism' placard.

However, when all is said and done, we can't seem to help returning to this fascinating image taken by 'Beatnic' of David Suchet having a sneaky bifter inbetween broadcasts.


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my company's systems don't allow access to flickr, any chance of the pics being posted on your webpage??


I was there last night - thought it was a great occasion, very moving. Ken was brilliant, as was the TUC guy. Giles from Buffy was icing on the cake. Thought Tessa Jowell was not up to scratch - rambling and over-religious. Also, I know it's Cormac Murphy-O'Connor's job to talk about god, but I found his glib reassurance that this is all 'part of God's plan' to be empty and alienating, and not what people needed to hear. Still, three cheers for Ken and the rest.


Cormac said that? Talk about poor timing.

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