Olympic Battle Hots Up

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Olympic Battle Hots Up

With the race for the 2012 Olympics becoming a very close run thing it's time for the London committee to pull out the big guns...literally.

This week the Royal Navy aircraft carrier, HMS Illustrious sailed up the Thames and it was flying a London 2012 Olympics flag.

What a 22,000-ton battleship has to do with London hosting an international sporting event, we're still unsure, but we can tell you that Defence Secretary John Reid was invited on board to say hello to the crew and "a group of local schoolchildren enjoyed an afternoon of sports activities on the flight deck."

The Illustrious (or 'Lusty' as it's known in the business) is currently berthed next to the Cutty Sark and will be there until it (or is 'she'?) has to sail off in prepartaion for the International Festival of the Seas in June.

If you want to know more about 'Lusty' you can visit her at her website.

Rumours that the ship will now be used to invade France and skupper Paris' chances of hosting the Olympics have been widely denied.

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In the spirit of your Olympics post, I'd like to mention that on the American version of The Apprentice, one of the challenges was for a finalist to manage a NYC2012 Olympic bid event. My dream was that she would royally screw it up and have the IOC in a huffy, but I assume nothing happened since there hasn't been news of event snafus over here.


The Captain of HMS Illustrious has an honours degree in International Relations. Join the Royal Navy, sail the seas of the world, meet exotic foreign people from far off distant lands, and kill them.