The Slug, The Witch and The Wardrobe Malfunction

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The Slug, The Witch and The Wardrobe Malfunction

Guy Ritchie, that Jamie Oliver of the film world and current Mr. Madonna, has fallen foul of the Catholic Church. It seems that last Thursday Guy and Madge (now known as Esther) were out in London celebrating the Jewish holiday of Purim. Catholics are not best pleased that the couple decided to go to a Kabbalah bash dressed as the Pope and a nun.

Madge/Esther/whatever seems to enjoy prickling the Catholic Church, but as far as we know this is the first time she has dragged her East-End-gangster-wannabe hubby into the sacrilegious spotlight too.

America's Catholic League president William Donahue is not turning the other cheek on this one:

"It just goes to show you what a moral slug this man is that he would get dressed up as the Pope at a time like this. We're quite disappointed. We Catholics thought we had finally gotten rid of the witch when she discovered Kabbalah."

Donahue is of course referring to Pope John Paul II's ailing health, as the man opposed to any scientific interference with God's divine plan (such as birth control) clutches at as many life extending medical procedures as possible.

Only today they found a spare feeding tube for him. Shipped in from the States perhaps?

Kabbalah is the latest cult for the mega rich and mega dim to turn to after Scientology was deemed to be a little 'last season'.

In another entertainment titbit from the IMDB it seems that Ashton Kutcher has had his own Kabbalah wristband digitally removed from his latest movie after it was found to be annoying the audience.

Aston Kutcher starring in a remake of Guess Who's Coming To Dinner and all the audience has to complain about is a bracelet?

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Well, perhaps the Catholic Church should look on the bright side. At least she didn't dress as a pregnant nun. I saw that time and again at Ohio University's big Halloween bash.


Donahue is an ignorant prick.


Your comments re the Pope are way off the mark, and only go to show your lack of knowledge of current events. However much you disagree with him on matters relating to birth control et al, the fact that he's undergoing great pain and discomfort with rare dignity should elicit admiration and respect, and your views merit another forum, but not here and not now. People and commentators far more knowledgeable than you have shown human charity without resorting to obvious digs at the Pope's views. Your comments to fill the puff piece on Guy Ritchie are shameful and show a poor grasp of the rules of reporting.


Alex - my original reply was deleted, but in the spirit of Easter has been resurrected over on my own blog:

Feel free to pick this up there.

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