Ken and Fidel, Together At Last

By Rob Last edited 161 months ago
Ken and Fidel, Together At Last

Thanks to the hawk-eyed reader who left a comment for us yesterday pointing out this story from the Hindustan Times, which promsies "Fidel Castro could come to London soon."

The story goes (picked up in The Times a couple of days ago) that Ken is planning celebrations to mark the Cuban revolution next year, and part of these celebrations would be an appearance by the "78-year-old Cuban leader".

Although the Times report is good, we much prefer the Hindustan Times outlook on the whole thing:

"The invitation could cause problem for Tony Blair, he being a great ally of President Bush. But Livingstone, called Red Ken, would hardly worry about that."

Last Updated 18 January 2005


Lovely! Anything that pisses off Bush Jnr, gets my vote. I suggest we give the old beard a ticker-tape parade, of the kind he hasn't seen since he was feted in Washington shortly after overthrowing the Batista regime in Cuba. Lots of schoolkids waving Cuban flags would also be good and, just to show we haven't lost our sense of humour, let's get the old reprobate out to accept a Gay Pride march-past.