White Swan

White Swan

Give thanks for The White Swan, because its existence hasn't been guaranteed lately. A community campaign saved it from developers and it's now being run by the people behind Greenwich's Pelton Arms.

Charlton, you lucky, lucky people. This pub is great. The beers are interesting, plentiful and reasonably priced, the decor is quirky without being overpowering (even if we're sure there's a stuffed deer wearing a fez mounted on a wall) and there's a whacking great beer garden out the back that we didn't investigate because it was a) rainy and b) we were too comfortable where we were.

We also picked up a menu and were overjoyed to find not food, but a choice of 13 different gins, and seven Fever Tree tonics to mix them with. The pub does food too, but this is more exciting.

If there's one drawback, it's that there's a lot going on — bingo, live music, comedy and a quiz. But time it right and this is a pub you can hunker down in and never want to leave.

On Twitter and Facebook. Quiz night is Tuesday.

Last updated May 2016


Address: 22 The Village London SE7 8UD

Phone: 020 3417 5996


Monday: noon-11pm

Tuesday: noon-midnight

Wednesday: noon-midnight

Thursday: noon-midnight

Friday: noon-1am

Saturday: noon-1am

Sunday: noon-11.30pm

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