Somers Town Coffee House

Somers Town Coffee House

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The Somers Town Coffee House is a curious find in the back streets of an area not really known for its dining and drinking options. The pub (for it is a pub, the name dissembles) manages to perfectly straddle the oft-perilous tightrope between drinking den and restaurant, providing generous space both for punters who want a hearty meal, and those who just want to gurglescoff the ale. The beer choice is numerically good, if less adventurous than other places in our Euston selection. They've got 10 pumps, mostly serving Young's classics, but with a few exotics mixed in. The food, meanwhile, is exceptional, and recently propelled the place into a top 40 spot in an industry poll of best gastropubs. Choose from a varied selection of mains, or dip into the British tapas menu.

The new(ish) owners are experimenting with the place, and recently opened a basement cocktail bar, one of the first in this area. A small beer garden has also opened at the rear. This will soon be the local for the massive Francis Crick research institute. Scientists like to drink, so the Somers Town will need all the space it can muster.

Last updated April 2015.


Address: 60 Chalton Street London NW1 1HS

Phone: 0207 387 7377



Monday: 8am-midnight

Tuesday: 8am-midnight

Wednesday: 8am-midnight

Thursday: 8am-midnight

Friday: 8am-midnight

Saturday: 10am-midnight

Sunday: 10am-11.30pm

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