The Globe

The Globe

This pub was voted the best in the Moorgate area by Londonist readers, during our Crossrail pub crawl.

The Globe stands pretty much on top of the old Roman wall to the City, where once the river Walbrook backed up against said wall, creating the marsh of Moorfields. Today it's flooded with besuited types, knocking back the pints at all times of day. The main bar can hold quite a crowd, with plenty of paving out front for dry days. The better place to drink, though, is the Keats' Bar at the back, which holds more tables in a convivial atmosphere. (The name stems, of course, from John Keats, who was born in a house on this site.)

The pub also sits opposite the splendid Armorers' Hall, an 1830s rebuild of a 14th century original. Gird your loins for a proper drinking session, with perhaps a dozen real ales on cask (although most of them are relatively mainstream). The Nicholson's chain really has upped its ale game in recent years.

Last updated July 2015.

London's dullest plaque?

Address: The Globe 83 Moorgate, London EC2M 6SA

Phone: 020 7374 2915


Monday: 10am-11.30pm

Tuesday: 10am-11.30pm

Wednesday: 10am-11.30pm

Thursday: 10am-11.30pm

Friday: 10am-11.30pm

Saturday: noon-6pm

Sunday: CLOSED

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