Old Ship

Old Ship

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After a refit a decade ago, the Old Ship is still looking shipshape and inviting. It's a favourite East End pub, beloved of everyone from suits to scoundrels to those visiting for the frequent drag-act cabaret nights. A more ecumenical pub you won't find anywhere.

A friendly welcome greets regulars and newcomers alike. It's a pub of three halves (thirds, surely? - ed). The buzzing front bar is where the main action is. A smaller secondary room offers a more intimate drink. Finally, at the back, there's a games room with a pool table. A straightforward selection of food and drink (including well-kept IPA) can be gained from the bar.

It was almost lost to development. Tower Hamlets council had a go at selling the place off for conversion to flats. A local petition and campaign made them see sense, and the pub is saved for its many grateful regulars.


Address: 17 Barnes Street London E14 7NW

Phone: 020 7791 1301

[email protected].


Monday: noon-11pm

Tuesday: noon-11pm

Wednesday: noon-midnight

Thursday: midday-midnight

Friday: midday-midnight

Saturday: midday-midnight

Sunday: midday-midnight

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