Hawley Arms

Hawley Arms

This famous old music pub beside the market is well known for its gigs, especially the patronage of a certain Ms Winehouse. The main bar is decorated with rock n roll memorabilia, though never in an in-your-face way. In fact, it can be a lazy, relaxing sort of place when visited off-peak, with big comfortable sofas and a winter fire.

Speaking of fire, the Hawley almost burnt down during the disastrous market blaze of 2008 — a conflagration we were unlucky enough to witness first hand. It recovered quickly, and today offers a decent mix of fine food, three cask ales and the usual mix of lagers. The pub's website is a bit useless, so keep an eye on its social media for upcoming gigs and stuff.

On Facebook. On Twitter as @The_Hawley_Arms

Toilet humour.
The Hawley in 2008, seconds before fire evacuation.
The burnt-out Hawley Arms, the morning after the 2008 fire.

Address: The Hawley Arms 2 Castlehaven Road, London NW1 8QU

Phone: 020 7428 5979


Monday: noon-midnight

Tuesday: noon-midnight

Wednesday: noon-midnight

Thursday: noon-midnight

Friday: noon-1am

Saturday: noon-1am

Sunday: noon-midnight

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