Bridge House

Bridge House

This pub was voted one of the best in Maida Vale and Little Venice by Londonist readers.

It looks like a big Edwardian house, and it's next to a bridge over the canal, so the Bridge House is well named. It's also well thought of by locals, who can enjoy the handsome interior (which also looks like you're in someone's house), well honed pub food, or a pleasant view in the outside area beside the canal. The interior is decked with large red lamps and a crimson curtain around the toilet entrance, a decorative nod to the Canal Cafe Theatre, which shares the building. The beer range is limited, but usually contains something local or unusual to keep ale-heads happy (Harviestoun's Afterglow on our last visit).

Last updated July 2015.

Mind your head.
Mind your head.
Fish n chips looks a bit average, but tasted great.
Fish n chips looks a bit average, but tasted great.

Address: 13 Westbourne Terrace Road London W2 6NG

Phone: 020 7266 4326

[email protected]


Monday: noon-11pm

Tuesday: noon-11pm

Wednesday: noon-11pm

Thursday: noon-11pm

Friday: noon-11.30pm

Saturday: 11am-11.30pm

Sunday: noon-10.30pm

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