Chelsea Pensioner

Chelsea Pensioner

This pub was editorially chosen for inclusion by Londonist.

At last, a proper pub in an area of bars and gastropubs. The Chelsea Pensioner is a recent newcomer to Fulham Road, replacing the Black Bull, though it looks well settled. The main bar has plenty of seating, especially along the large plate windows — ideal for watching the world go by. Mildly eccentric decor includes a dangling bicycle, a confused moose and an out-of-reach Magic Robot. Best of all, there's a pool table in the back room that offers free goes on a Monday night, while classic rock soundtracks your pots. Beer is all keg, alas, but there's a reasonable selection. Wines and cocktails are more plentiful, and the pub runs a build-your-own-Bloody-Mary for fans of this inexplicably popular drink. Food comes in the form of pizza or bar snacks. Note that Stamford Bridge is within ball-kicking distance, so avoid the place on match days unless you're a die-hard fan.

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Address: 358 Fulham Road London SW10 9UU

Phone: 0207 351 0422

[email protected]


Monday: noon-midnight

Tuesday: noon-midnight

Wednesday: noon-midnight

Thursday: noon-midnight

Friday: noon-midnight

Saturday: noon-midnight

Sunday: noon-midnight

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